M-vironments, M-velopes & The M-house by Michael Jantzen

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Architect Michael Jantzen’s M-vironments are innovative, smart and good looking structures that are relocatable and transformable. The sustainable structures are like the ultimate fort for grown-ups; one of his M-velopes® is even in this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog’s ‘WOW’ section.

Michael Jantzen M-vironments

Relocatable M-vironments are made of a wide variety of manipulable components that can be connected in many different ways to a matrix of modular support frames. The frames can be assembled and disassembled in different ways to accommodate a wide range of changing needs.

The M-vironments were developed to accommodate a wide range of markets. With different sizes, shapes, materials, and panel types, the system can be used for exhibit structures, pavilions, play environments for kids, retail spaces, office modules, and many other commercial applications.

Architect Michael Jantzen
Architect Michael Jantzen


Below are images and info of Michael’s M-House in Gorman, California which was actually auctioned off and sold.

The M-House, made from the M-vironment system, consists of a series of rectangular panels that are attached with hinges to an open space frame grid of seven interlocking cubes. The structure can be assembled or disassembled by a crew of four in one week. Jantzen built this one-bedroom, 90 square meter cottage entirely by himself in 2000.

The panels are hinged to the cubes in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. The hinges allow the panels to fold into, or out of the cube frames to perform various functions. Some of the panels are insulated and contain windows and doors. These panels can completely enclose spaces that are heated and cooled.

Other not-insulated panels fold in or out over and around open platforms to shade the sun, deflect the rain, or block the wind. Some of these unfold from the face of the cubes to become places to sit, places to sleep, places to work, or places to eat. Most of the slotted panels are oriented over and around these open platforms.

Interior of the M-House:

All of the M-House components are interchangeable, and can be increased or decreased in numbers and size. The panels can be made in a curved configuration and from many different types of materials. The existing M-house panels are assembled with a steel structural frame that supports thin sheets of a concrete composite. All of the exposed surfaces of the structure are painted.The platforms and the cube frames, are supported by adjustable legs which are attached to load bearing foot pads. In many cases the support frames do not require a foundation, and they can be adjusted to accommodate terrain variations.

This M-House was designed to function as a single private vacation retreat, or in multiple numbers and configurations, as a complete stand alone high tech resort complex. The house can be designed to be self sufficient, powered by alternative energy sources such as the sun and the wind.


Now take a Look at some of his M-velopes. They are like akin to the coolest forts you’ll ever own as an adult.

His M-velope One:

His M-velope Two:

His Fabric M-velope:

And, finally, the M-velope® available through Neiman Marcus (no longer available):

Straight from the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog:

M-Velope® Transformable Structure
What if your workshop was a convertible? What if you could move your yoga studio walls as easily as you roll up your mat? What if you could rebuild, rearrange, and reassemble your garden retreat as quickly as you rearrange furniture? Step inside our M-Velope and you can! It’s a massively cool 15-foot high by 14-foot wide by 17-foot deep creation of functional art built with a steel frame. All its hinged wood panel frames open, move, and close at your whim. Michael Jantzen, an internationally famous architectural pioneer/artist, thought it up and he is crafting just 10 structures for us exclusively. He’s a leader in rethinking how we live, and he’s been green since ’71. He builds each M-Velope with new Accoya® wood products that are durable and completely sustainable.

Price is $100,000.00 USD and is available by calling Call 1.877.9NM.GIFT

For details and purchasing, email [email protected] or call +1 310 989 1897
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The photos in this post are courtesy of Michael Jantzen, arcspace and world architecture.