The Floating Lido Luxury Underwater Resort

the floating lido underwater resort

The Floating Lido is another project from Dubai’s The Heart of Europe*. A Real Estate company that specializes in extraordinary hospitality and leisure properties. They’ve designed over six sustainable coral reef-rich islands, each inspired by a different European city, for Dubai. They also designed the floating Seahorse Villas.

The Floating Lido Luxury Underwater Resort

underwater resort dubai

The Floating Lido is a Luxury Underwater Resort in Dubai set in what has been created to look like Venice, Italy.

floating lido resort

The world’s first underwater luxury resort (why do we feel as though we’ve heard that before?) is described as a Five Star Floating Venice. It will bring the charm, serenity and culture of Venice to the shores of the Gulf.

underwater resort dubai

The semi-submerged resort has 180 underwater suites measuring 228 sq.ft to 1,436 sq.ft (21 sq.m to 133 sq.m) and 24 (!) swimming pools.

The resort features an underwater gym, spa and restaurant and 10 floating sandy beaches.

floating lido resort dubai

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Floating piers act as walkways and of course, there’s a floating yacht Club.

The resort is designed so that guests, whether in their rooms, dining, or simply relaxing; can enjoy both stunning Dubai skyline views and, below the waterline, scenes of passing gondolas, coral reefs and marine life.

The resort is car-free, uses sustainable ferry transport, serves organic food with a 24/7 in-room dining option and more. They’ve also partnered with the Coral Institute to protect and develop local Marine life.

*The Heart of Europe properties are set only 10 minutes from Dubai shores.
They offer ownership and investment opportunities for 2,000 ultra-prime residential and hospitality suitesin Dubai.

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