Pop Culture Toys for Toddlers? Yep, Fisher-Price Hips Up Their Little People.

Fisher Price Little People Collector Sets hero

When it comes to toys for toddlers and young children, Fisher-Price is probably one of the brand names that first comes to mind. When most older people think of Fisher-Price, they think of simple, brightly colored baby toys. The last thing they’d think of is little vinyl figurines in the likeness of the rock bands, music artists and tv shows that appeal to a much older crowd. These Little People Collector Series will probably be totally unfamiliar to children under the age of 10, but are sure to please their parents.

Pop Culture Little People

Ted Lasso vinyl figurines
Fisher Price Ted Lasso Little People Collector set

Fisher-Price has introduced some very hip personalities to their line of toys. Dubbed the Little People Collector Series, these are likely for the parents as much as they are for their kids. Some of their latest versions of the 2.7″ tall figurines are in the likenesses of hip hop artists Run DMC, rock band KISS, the Rolling Stones, RuPaul, Golden Girls and Ted Lasso.

run dmc little people
Fisher Price Run DMC Little People Collector set

While it’s doubtful that any of these would make it into “Dear Santa” letters, the parents will get a kick out of introducing their children to personalities with which they grew up or presently enjoy now.

rolling stones figurines
Fisher Price Rolling Stones Little People Collector set
KISS figurines by fisher price
Fisher Price KISS Little People Collector set
the beatles little people
Fisher Price The Beatles Yellow Submarine Little People Collector set

TV Shows like The Office, RuPaul and The Golden Girls, along with classic Christmas Specials such as A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation have also been turned into collectible Little People.

The Office Little People
Fisher Price The Office Little People Collector set
Ru Paul figurines
Fisher Price RuPaul Little People Collector se
little people golden girls
Fisher Price The Golden Girls Little People Collector set
a christmas story little people
Fisher Price A Christmas Story Little People Collector set
National Lampoon Christmas Vacation figurines
Fisher Price National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Little People Collector set

Not only are these great affordable fun, but they make awesome stocking stuffers and holiday gifts.

Other Little People Collector sets available include E.T., Avatar The Last Airbender, Masters of The Universe, Elf, Elvis and Inspiring women

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