Lindsay Lohan For COMPLEX magazine by Markus & Indrani

Lindsay Lohan Complex Magazine

Lindsay Lohan, recently jailbait, now a jailbird, will be getting lots of press attention today. Not only does she begin her incarceration in a Los Angeles jail, but will be featured on Bravo’s Double Exposure, the tv series featuring famed fighting photographers, duo Markus Klinko and Indrani.

Lindsay Lohan COMPLEX magazine

Talk about timing. As Ms. Lohan begins her 90 day sentence, an upcoming episode will feature her photoshoot for the August/September issue of Complex magazine (Lindsay’s second appearance). Photographed by Markus & Indrani, Lindsay models a bikini, corsets, bustiers, garters and thigh-high boots… undoubtedly more fashionable than her mug shot.

According to Stylelist, Markus & Indrani are not at all pleased with COMPLEX magazine’s editorial having added the KAWS artwork and feel that the context in which Lindsay appears with the illustrations is disrespectful.

The Lindsay Lohan Complex Magazine issue, for which Lindsay did not comply with being interviewed, will hit stands in August.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot:
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan with photographer Indrani
Lindsay Lohan with photographer Indrani

Lindsay Lohan Complex magazine

And as they appear in COMPLEX magazine’s editorial and on their cover, styled by GK Reid, and art by graffiti artist and vinyl toy designer, KAWS, Complex,:

Complex cover with Kaws and Linsday Lohan

Kaws and Lindsay Lohan COMPLEX editorial

KAws and Lindsay Lohan Commplex

linsday lohan markus indrani complex magazine

KAWS and Lohan

Lohan shoot by Markus & Indrani

images courtesy of COMPLEX magazine, Bravo and Markus Klinko and Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri