Stunning Carrara Marble Bathroom Sink Pays Tribute to Michelangelo

Kreoo Nami Washbasin

This beautiful and unique bathroom sink was designed by the über talented Enzo Berti for KREOO, a manufacturer of marble elements for the home. The Nami, which means “wave” in Japanese, is an oval washbasin whose sinuosity is reminiscent of a cloth drapery. Carved from the penultimate Italian marble (Carrara) the stone is skillfully manipulated to create what appear as soft undulating waves on its outer side.‎

Kreoo Nami Washbasin

nami sinks enzo berti for KREEO

The reference comes from the Italian figurative Art History, and more specifically from the monumental drapery of Michelangelo’s Pietà, Virgin’s dress.‎

white carrara marble sinks

In the game of lights and shadows, marble is presented as a light, sophisticated and precious material.‎ Unique, because even if Nami is born from an industrial process, it’s then modeled by skilled masters craftsmen who, paying tribute to the Italian ancient sculptural tradition, give the product the added value of being uniquely one of a kind.

enzo berti marble sink

carrera marble sink

Nami washbasin

The uniqueness of the craftsmanship and capabilities give marble not only a shape, but also a feeling.‎  The washbasin is shown here as an “easel” sink, meaning it is a sink situated on a wood tabletop with metal legs, ready for plumbing. However, the Nami washbasin can be placed on all Kreoo’s accessories for the bathroom (trays, easels, wall brackets and wood top) or ordered separately.‎

bathroom wash basins

The exclusive washbasin is presented in “Bianco Carrara” marble (as in the Michelangelo’s Pietà), another reference to Italy’s artistic tradition.‎ Most of the objects in the Kreoo collection are available in “Bianco Carrara.”

bianoc marble wash basins

Nami is also available in other Italian marbles such as in Bianco Calacatta, Bianco Perla and Nero Marquina.‎ Like all Kreoo products, each customization is possible, on demand.‎

kreeo nami washbasin

kreeo bath

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