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KLŌS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars Introduces Electro-Acoustic Model

KLŌS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars

With the help of a kickstarter campaign, Utah based KLŌS guitars, founded by brothers Adam and Ian Klosowiak introduced the first durable, affordable, and comfortable carbon fiber travel guitar in 2015. Now they have far exceeded their second Kickstarter goal to launch new acoustic electric model.

KLŌS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars

KLŌS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars

Designed and hand assembled in the USA, these guitars from KLŌS have mahogany wooden necks, rosewood fret boards and carbon fiber bodies. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they sound great as well.

KLŌS travel guitars are the result of extensive research and testing in order to create the most universal guitar for your needs. The size was chosen as the best size for adults who want to travel, large enough to give a great sound, small enough to fit in a backpack or a suitcase, and also small enough for smaller adults and learning children.

Travel guitars are naturally more susceptible to be damaged, because naturally they travel. We protect the sound-producing body by making it out of carbon fiber, protecting it from dents and cracks as well as the elements like temperature and humidity.

They make the neck out of high quality mahogany and rosewood so that the guitar has the familiar feel of a wooden guitar. You get your wooden feel, with the durability of carbon fiber.

Aside from making the guitar incredibly durable and lightweight, carbon fiber has the added feature of giving a guitar more volume than a wooden counterpart of the same size.

Bone was chosen as the material for the Nut and the Saddle because they are the contact points of the strings and they transfer the vibrations to the guitar the best.

The Bridge Pins are ABS Plastic because they are lighter. In general, the lighter the material around the bridge area the better the guitar will sound. The Scale Length and the number of frets was chosen to give a comfortable and proportional feel when playing.

carbon fiber guitars

Every guitar purchased comes equipped with Super Light 11 Gauge Strings (.011″-.052″) because they have a lower tension, they are thinner and are easier to play. They recommend you only install 11 or 12 gauge strings on this guitar.

Listen to Hayden Kroff playing a cover of Queen of California by John Mayer on the acoustic Travel guitar:

The Electro-Acoustic Model

The new Electro-Acoustic version is the same size, equally sophisticated looking and delivers great sound. ​With a pickup installed, the KLOS guitar is now plugged into a whole new world of opportunities. Live performance, professional recording, various effects such as looping and much much more is now possible.

Unplugged, the KLOS guitar is still the ultimate versatile guitar, ideal for traveling in not just your everyday settings like a neighbor’s living room, but in more hazardous environments such as when camping or in a room full of young kids.

The Deluxe package of the Electro-Acoustic Guitar available through Kickstarter

After testing many different pickups, KLŌS decided to partner with Fishman pickups on their acoustic-electric model.

Listen to these two demos of the Acoustic Electric model:

KLŌS removes retail costs and re-engineer manufacturing to sell their carbon fiber guitars at a fraction of existing market prices. Plus, being a more durable and lighter guitar, it can be shipped to you more conveniently and securely.

Body Style: Mini Dreadnought
Side & Back Material: Carbon Fiber Composite
Top Material: Carbon Fiber Sandwich Panel
Scale Length: 24 3/4″
Neck Material: Mahogany
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
Number of Frets: 19″
Body Length: 15”
Body Width: 11.5”
Body Depth Rear: 3.5”
Guitar Weight: 2.85 lbs (1.29 Kg)
Nut & Saddle Material: Bone
Case: Soft Shell Gig Bag, 10 mm foam

(for body, neck, headstock and other specs, go here)

Get Your KLŌS travel guitars (acoustic or Electro-Acoustic) here.

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