Meet Karyn Poplin and Her Pumpkin People

Karyn Poplin Pumpkins

You may have seen some of Texas based Karyn Poplin’s amazing pumpkins. After all, she’s frequently a winner of pumpkin carving contests and her jack-o-lanterns have been featured on many a site.

Karyn Poplin Pumpkins

Tiffany Shade Pumpkin:
2014 TIFFANY SHADE pumpkin by karyn poplinSpooky Forest Pumpkin:
karyn poplin spooky forest pumpkin2

Halloween and pumpkin carving is a family event for them. Together Karyn and her clan carve tons as many pumpkins as they can (the number has steadily grown to over 50) and display them at their home in Saginaw, Texas and as of this year a new, second location in Crowley, TX.


According to Karyn, “We use stencils, but sometimes we make our own patterns. We use the simple tools that come in the Pumpkin Masters pattern sets, and yes, we use real pumpkins.”

Carousel Pumpkin:
karyn poplin carousel pumpkin IIHIH

In 2010, their “Haunted Carousel” pumpkin (above) won 1st place in a nationwide contest, so they began a Facebook page to help spread the word of their work and to encourage visitors to come by the house and take photos of all the hard work they put into the annual holiday.

Tiffany Shade Pumpkin:
tiffany shade pumpkin 2tiffany shade pumpkin 3Pumpkin Chandelier:
KP spiderweb pumpkin lamp

More of Karyn’s impressive pumpkins from year’s past:
karyn poplin pumpkins quad IIHIHhalloween pumpkin carving
gothic cameo pumpkinHEADLESS HORSEMAN2009 EYEBALL PUMPKIN2012 SPIDER AND WEBKaryn Poplin:
karyn poplinTo see the pumpkins in person on Halloween night visit either – or both of the following location:

• Willowview Dr, in the Courts of Willow Creek neighborhood. Saginaw Texas 76179

• Adams Dr, Mesa Vista addition, corner of 1187 and 731, Crowley TX 76036

all information and images courtesy of Karyn Poplin and The Pumpkin People

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