This May Be The Single Best GOT Commemorative Item Ever

jaime lannister golden hand oven mitt

With the final season of HBO’s epic Game of Thrones, the 8 season drama based on George RR Martin’s books, upon us the officially licensed products to commemorate the popular series are out of control. From vinyl characters by FunKo to the hilarious Hodor door stops to Montegrappa’s gorgeous hand-crafted Game of Thrones pens, there are so many souvenirs to choose from. But the Jamie Lannister Golden Hand Oven Mitt may very well be the best.

Jamie Lannister Golden Hand Oven Mitt

Game of Thrones oven mitt

Known for screwing his twin sister and pushing Bran Stark out a window, Ser Jaime Lannister is the eldest son of Tywin, younger twin brother of Cersei, and older brother of Tyrion Lannister. He was involved in an incestuous relationship with Cersei, and unknown to most, he is the biological father of her three children, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen.

GOt Golden Hand oven mitt golden hand game of thrones

It was in Season 3 that House Bolton’s man-at-arms, Locke, having captured James Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, swings down a carving knife and hacks off Jaime’s sword-hand saying that Jaime’s father can’t help him now, and “this should help you remember!”

jaime lannister hand cut off Game of thrones

It is Qyburn, an ex-maester who was expelled from the Order for his unethical but successful experiments, who tends to Jamie’s stump to stop spreading infection.

game of thrones jaime lannister

In season 4, Cersei offers Jaime a golden hand to cover his stump and it is Qyburn who fits it upon his stump.

jaime lannister's hand GOT

Jaime’s lost hand is ultimately avenged when Bran Stark snaps Locke’s neck.

game of thrones collectibles

product details:
• 100% BPA Free Food Grade Silicone. Heavy Duty material. Comfortable. Easily Washable.
Heat Resistant. Keep your hand free from burns!
• Use it in the kitchen or outside when cooking a nice BBQ! Show off your true kitchen skills just like James Lannister of Game of Thrones would!
• Gold color. Right Handed. The exquisite detail is immediately recognizable to fans of the hit series.
• Exclusive collectable and a great gift item for HBO Game of Thrones Fans. Official looking House Lannister Golden Hand.

$29.99, buy it here.

Worth noting:
Rocambolesc Gelateria of Barcelona even made a Jamie Lannister Golden Hand Ice Cream Pop. The ice cream’s key ingredients include blood orange (of course), mango and cocoa butter.

Lannister Golden Hand Ice Cream Pop
Rombalesc Gelateria in Barcelona even made a Lannister Golden Hand Ice Cream Pop

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