It’s Snowing Star Wars Again! 19 New Star Wars DIY Snowflake Templates for 2013.

New Star Wars DIY Snowflake Templates

One of my most popular posts around this time of year has been my original 2010 how to make your own Star Wars snowflakes as taught by a husband and wife team.

New Star Wars DIY Snowflake Templates

Designers Anthony Herrera and Chaunce Dolan of Matters of Grey then jumped on the paper Star Wars Snowflake bandwagon and provided us with more Star Wars Paper Snowflake templates in 2011.

Now, there are 19 new ones now requiring payment or a donation to download the set. The latest DIY Star Wars Snowflakes – several of which will require an exacto-knife and adept cutting skills –  include Princess Leia, Han Solo, lots of transportation and symbol snowflakes and updated versions of several of my previously posted Star Wars Snowflakes.

Here are the 19 newest Star Wars DIY Snowflakes.

Princess Leia:
princess leia snowflake
Han Solo:
han solo snowflake
New Darth Vader:
new darth vader snowflake
New Boba Fett:
new bobba fett snowflake
New Chewie:
chewbacca snowflake
Clone Trooper:
clone trooper snowflake
Clone Trooper 2:

stormtrooper snowflake

X-Wing Starfighter:
x-wing starfighter snowflake
TIE Fighter:
star wars tie fighter snowflake
New Millenium Falcon:
millenium falcon snowflake
star wars airspeeder snowflake
Slave 1:

ETA-2 Interceptor:

Star Destroyer:

Logos and Symbols:



And, of course the Death Star:
death star snowflake

Like I said earlier in this post, if you want to download a set of the 19 templates, it requires a donation or payment to paypal.
Download the 19 new ones here

To see the set of 10 that includes R2D2, C-3PO, Yoda, Ashoka, Admiral Ackbar, and more, go here

and for the original two snowflake templates of Boba Fett/Clone and Darth Vader, you can still download those free with instructions here.

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