Indoor and Outdoor Alabaster Furnishings That Glow From Within.

Alabaster furnishings that glow

Back in 2007, I introduced you to Albatros Design, a French company that created illuminated marble furniture and fireplace consoles. The luxurious pieces were available in multiple marble finishes and applications. Since then, the company has been renamed and now continues to design and customize illuminated pieces of furniture and installations, only made from alabaster.*

Alabaster Furnishings That Glow

Atelier Alain Ellouz now offers more luxurious illuminated items for private homes, restaurants, retail stores and hotels. The pieces combine a traditional material with a modern effect. Coffee tables, dining tables, bases, console tables, bathroom sinks, pedestals, vessels and basins are wonderful additions to any interior.

For the Living Area:

For the bath:

For the Outdoors
Seating and end tables make excellent poolside and outdoor accents:

Commercial Applications
Alabaster illuminated walls, sliding doors and panels, hotel interiors, restaurant tables, bars, reception desks, fireplaces, retail counters and more are available for commercial applications:

*alabaster is a translucent, white or tinted fine-grained gypsum. A variety of hard calcite, translucent and sometimes banded.

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