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Increasing The Fun Factor: Didi Dunphy Of Modern Convenience

Didi Murphy takes objects that by their very nature are already fun, and makes them even more so. Swings, see-saws, skateboards and other playground ‘toys’ are infused with colors, vinyl, embroidery and other elements to make them both functional indoors and eye-poppingly pleasing in the right interior. Be aware, however, prices aren’t nearly as ‘fun’ with see-saws running up to $5,800.00, jack the rocker going for $6,600.00 and the swings costing a cool $2,200.00 each.

In her own words:

For school kids, Recess is a magical moment – the doors burst open, the playground in site with joyous possibilities, unlimited potential for imaginative games that build valuable social interaction. For adults though, Recess is mostly an idea of long ago now replaced with hectic scheduling, endless responsibilities: family, country, business, another load of laundry a cell phone or email to check. Thus the “See Saw,” the “Swing,” the “Jack Rocker Joggle Board” and the “Inside Skateboards/Longboards” are designed for interaction with the hopes that through this Recess or play activity, the collaboration, (you need two to See Saw!) brings about good ideas and well being between people.

The embroidered vinyl longboards and skate boards with clear wheels, shown below, are designed for indoor use.

And I’ve always been a fan of her padded colorful vinyl indoor skateboards:

Her colored vinyl poufs have fun faux fur at the bottom:

And her see-saws are as sculptural as they are fun to play on:

Vinyl Upholstered Bench big enough for two adults and a couple of small kids at 14″ x 96″. The base is welded aluminum, powder coated in glitter colors, and can be used for storing extra fun stuff. Many bright colors to choose from.

More See-saws:

The Jack Rocker below is a bench in upholstered vinyl with custom designed embroidery. 6′ x 12″ x 2″ . The two powdercoated aluminum bases are 22 1/2″ x 21 1/2″ x 16″.

The Surf Swing is made of planed wood with hand airbrushed design, 24″ x 10″ x 2″, stainless steel hanging hardware and plastisol coated playground chain:

Her Tiara Swing Set is a contemporary interpretation of the ordinarily plain metal frame, making it fit for a princess, of course:

Indoor Swings in various colors look surprisingly good when hung indoors in the right environment:

Vinyl Upholstered Bench big enough for two at 22″x42″. Choose from several bright colors. The Safety Plastisol dipped playground chain comes in lengths up to 85″. All other hardware is stainless steel. And, the tassels, each set of four unique to your swing, are made of acrylic spheres and plastic twine.

Designed for indoor and outdoor swinging and fun.

Chain of Love: This hanging sculpture can be taken down and used for lounging or cuddling on the floor, in style:

above: Upholstered and embroidered vinyl with chain.

The Kissing Jim: Modeled after the Victorian courting chair, this piece allows two people to sit face to face comfortably. Promotes conversation, meaningful gazing, and relaxing cheek-to-cheek.

above: Powder coated aluminum, suitable for indoor and outdoor fun.

above: Didi Dunphy is the primary at Modern Convenience, LLC and designer of the Recess line of art-hybrid play furnishings.

Contact Didi and Modern Convenience:
421 Dearing Street
Athens, GA 30605

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