The Inception Dishrack / Organizer Puts Manhattan On Your Table.

Inception dishrack organizer hero IIHIH luca nichetto

Inspired by the movie Inception , designer Luca Nichetto has created a silicone tabletop dish rack or desk organizer that resembles Manhattan.

Inception Dishrack

Inception dishrack

“During a visit to Stefano Seletti in his office in Viadana, Mantua, a curious object resting on his desk caught my attention. It was a scale model of Manhattan peninsula, a gift from a friend. The object had no particular function yet, but it immediately gave me the idea to create something that played with the surreal proportions of the miniature metropolis.” – Luca Nichetto

inception folding paris scene IIHIH
above: The famous folding city scene from the movie Inception

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Inception7 luca nichetto IIHIH

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This is how the project Inception, inspired by the famous movie by Christopher Nolan released in 2010, took its shape. It was a serendipitous intuition. In one scene of the film, the city of New York seems to fold onto itself, as if it were made of rubber, and that image provided the vision underlying the project, as well as the reference material. Nichetto’s Manhattan turns into a coloured silicone dish drainer or desk organizer, where skyscrapers hold up tableware or stationery items, flexing under their weight.

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Inception luca nichetto IIHIH

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The new collaboration between Luca Nichetto and Seletti was presented during New York Design Week 2014 at the Wanted Design in an installation designed to introduce the new product.

above: Inception – designed by Venetian designer for the company. Inception is a scale model of Manhattan that turns into a dish rack or desk organizer colored silicone.



Designer: Luca Nichetto
Project Assistant: Francesco Dompieri
Material: silicone
Typology: drainer/desk organizer
Client: Seletti
Year: 2014

Available for purchase  here or from Seletti’s online concept store here

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