If Paul Bunyan Were A Design Lover… Best Made Company Axes.

best made company axes

Best Made Co. makes hand painted and polished functional but beautiful 30″ hickory helve axes with a 3.5 lb fine grain steel bit. Each tool is lovingly hand crafted and painted with contemporary patterns and colors.

Best Made Company Axes

2022 UPDATE: Best Made Axes (and now knives) are now sold by the Duluth Trading Company and come with a leather hatchet cover.

2022 Best Made Axes now from the Duluth Trading Company
2022 Best Made Axes now from the Duluth Trading Company

ORIGINAL POST: Best Made Co. is the only company in the world that offers axes in small, limited edition quantities and they back this up with a certificate of authenticity, an edition number, and a hand-engraved mark on every axe they sell. Prices start at $250.00 (subject to change) and delivery times vary since each is made to order in their New Jersey workshop.

Even if you’re no lumberjack and have never wielded an axe or felled a tree, these would be beautiful hanging on the wall. And if you’re a hopeless Urbanite, you can prove to your friends, you actually know what one uses to chop wood.

above: The handles in their New Jersey workshop await a coat of varnish

Their 2009 Summer Collection:

Their 2009 Spring Collection:

There are 2 options for packaging, wool felt bag or wooden boxes:

above: Wool felted bag available in navy and orange only.
best made axe company
Made from quality ply, balanced, felt lined with brass latch and handle. Come in various sizes, custom built to house your collection.

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About Best Made Co.
Best Made Co. was founded by designer and author Peter Buchanan-Smith, and outdoorsman and environmental entrepreneur Graeme Cameron. The two met at a legendary boys camp in Northern Ontario, Canada where they learned—with love and respect—to wield an axe.

As men they have both gone on to forge their own way in the world: building hand-hewn log cabins on the shores of Stoney Lake, tree planting in Kapuskasing, winning Grammy awards, getting married, having children, brief flirtations with military life, book publishing, Scotland, rugby, whiskey, slingshots and hardwood fires that can melt glass (launched from aforementioned slingshots). In 2009 they teamed up to pursue their life-long dream of a world devoted to axes, and all that axes should represent.

In addition to selling the hardware, Best Made Co. is also selling and showing “Axe Art”, limited edition silver gelatin photo prints by photographer Adrian Gaut.

The images were taken at Trask River, Pacific Coast Range, Oregon in July 2009. Each is an edition of 10, measures 11″ x 14″ and is a gelatin silver print on fiber-based paper. Price is $300.00 per print:

above: “The Wood Pile”, by Adrian Gaut

above: “The Nurse Log”, by Adrian Gaut

above: “Old growth sitka spruce”, by Adrian Gaut

above: “On The Shop Floor”, by Adiran Gaut

See more of photographer Adrian Gaut’s work here