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if it's hip, it's here on social media

Did you know we share lots of very cool stuff every day on our Facebook Fan Page, and on Twitter that we don’t include here in the blog? Well we do. From lesser known celebrity photos to witty cartoons, wild runway fashion highlights to excellent articles, here’s a look at the interesting and entertaining content you’re missing if you don’t follow us.

If It’s Hip, It’s Here on Social Media

Here are just a few examples of what we’ve posted on Social Media, but not on our blog, in the past week.

Brilliant Cartoons such as…

This satirical IKEA Border Wall from German publication The Postillon:

The Petting Chart:
petting chart

Celeb Photos such as

Although a different color pregnant photo by Awol Erizku of the entertainer went viral, Beyoncé posted this more elegant photo on her website with the accompanying title ‘I have three hearts” (referring to her being pregnant with twins). She calls this image Botticelli’s Venus after the painting. Photo Credit: Daniela Vesco:

Beyonce photograph by Daniela Vesco
Beyonce photograph by Daniela Vesco

TV and Movie Screen Grabs we like to make for you, such as

These awesome pics of Lady Gaga killing it on the Superbowl’s Halftime Show:
lady gaga at superbowl halftime show

lady gaga pics

Funny and informative articles from other publications such as

Colin Nissan’s hilarious “I Work From Home” for The New Yorker:
new yorker

Or this interesting post on The Puppy Bowl, Explained by Vox:

Super fun stuff you can buy or make such as

1.25″ Buttons that feature The FACES OF WINONA RYDER

Custom Necco Conversation Hearts
stop talking conversation hearts

Creativity captured from all over in photos taken by us or our friends, such as

Two-sided moving van decked out in Graffiti:

Houston Street art celebrating the Super Bowl LI:
houston super bowl mural

Street art of a weeping Lady Liberty:
street art

Moving photographs such as
Taken by Nuccio DiNozzo for the Chicago Tribune at the immigration ban protest at Chicago’s O’Hare airport:

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune

Or this one of our friend Reba’s new Australian Shepard puppy asleep in her car on the console:
australian shepard puppy

Contemporary Art photos we post such as

Lari Pittman‘s “Like You” (detail) from The Broad Museum:
lori pittman painting

Robert Montgomery‘s The Slow Disappearance of Meaning and Truth:
Robert Montgomery's The Slow Disappearance of Meaning and Truth

Portrait of Trump by artist Asier Sanz Nieto:
trump portrait made of food artist Asier Sanz Nieto

Videos worth watching such as

This Matters’ thought-provoking video questioning whether or not Racism is a Mental Illness:

This impressive fan-made short of Darth Vader vs. Buzz Lightyear:

Kristen Stewart’s Totino’s spoof from SNL:

Or this hilarious Angry Yoga skit from Canada’s 22 Minutes:

Our own little video slideshows: such as

Sharing the highlights from Iris Van Herpen’s 2017 Couture Collection

The Rejected Designs for the Gold American Liberty Coin

Now that’s merely a taste. We sincerely hope you’ll consider following IIHIH on Twitter or liking and joining our Official Facebook Fan Page. We love to share.

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