The Huarache Gets A Modern Vegan Makeover from Malibu Sandals

Malibu Sandals Modern Huaraches

Kevin O’Neill has combined the ancient craft of the Mexican huarache sandal with contemporary design and engineering to create Malibu Sandals modern huaraches – a line of comfortable, chic and cruelty-free footwear for men and women.

Malibu Sandals Modern Huaraches

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The centuries-old Mexican huarache sandal is traditionally handmade and constructed out of raw leather, with an intricate woven pattern that’s iconic, durable and proven to withstand the test of time. Malibu Sandals has taken those cues and contemporized them by adding such updated features as a soft anatomically correct polyurethane footbed, sculpted arch support and signature M-Grip sole.

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Designed in Southern California, Malibu Sandals modern huaraches have updated the woven aspect by hand-crafting it with 100% cruelty-free, water-friendly materials such as straw, nylon, polyurethane, rubber and vegan leather.

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Their signature M Grip sole:
signature m grip sole

The men’s line features 20 options in stylish colors and combinations, several of which are the result of a special partnership with Italian brand Missoni.

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The women’s line features 12 attractive options.

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Both the men’s and women’s sandals have a Caldera Heel – a deep basin to give you ultimate comfort and secure footing as well as a ‘Brace Bar’ to provide your toes with a raised rail for ideal gripping action and custom fit.

Canyon Huarache by Malibu Sandals

Trancas Huarache by Malibu Sandals

Zuma huarache by Malibu sandals

Note: There are more styles available than the three shown above.

California Wildlife Center Partnership

Out of respect for this work and the native wildlife, a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of Malibu Sandals will go directly to benefit the California Wildlife Center.

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