The House of the Wind in Cádiz, Spain


One of the finalists in this year’s Architizer A+ Awards is a private home in Spain by architect Jose Luis Muñoz Muñoz. The House of The Wind (Casa de Los Vientos) was designed to protect the inhabitants from the prevailing winds in the area, while giving them space inside and out to enjoy.

House of the Wind

The home measures 2,083 sqft or 193,50 m2 and is strategically protected from Northwest Winds (Poniente) and the less harsh winds from the East (Levante). These winds and how they react to the design are indicated in the diagram below. The purple are the Northwest winds (30-65 km/h) and the pink represents the East winds (30-45 km/h).

Below are images of the home’s exterior and interior followed by a description from the architect.


cadiz spain house



The text below is directly from the architect:
The project is approached as an answer to the place and the expectations of the users in terms of leisure, comfort and economical adjustment (160,000? = 650?/m2). The key principles were highlighted in the project and during the construction are:

a. The shape emerges from the orientation, from the prevailing winds and from the premise of enjoyment of the outside spaces and their views.

b. Honest architecture and material honesty are accepted.

c. Austerity in terms of means is assumed and beauty is found in the inexpensive.

First floor is defined by an exterior south-east oriented platform, which is the Terraza de Poniente. This terrace is strategically protected from north-west wind (Poniente), which is colder and strong, as well as the prevailing wind in the area. This concrete platform ensures spatial continuity between the indoor spaces, the flared porch, the terrace and the swimming-pool. All of them completed by the views to the rising sun and the sea. At the same time, the space includes two major elements which enhance its comfort: two stands on white polished concrete and two wicker pergolas on metallic structure. One of these is vertical as to reinforce the protection from the north wind while ensuring intimacy towards the neighbourhood.

The House of The Wind, day and night:
house of the wind, day and night

Life in Casa de Los Vientos happens mostly in this platform. Geometry here suggests the direct connexion (sic) with the logics of prevailing winds, as well as its relation with the living outdoor spaces and the views. From the stand of the Terraza de Levante a bent staircase leads to a second terrace in the roof floor. This is the Terraza de Levante, since the geometry of the walls and the roof provides protection for the days when Levante (wind from east) blows.

HOTW plans 1

Firm: Jose Luis Muñoz Muñoz
Type: Residential › Private House
YEAR: 2014
SIZE: 1000 sqft – 3000 sqft
BUDGET: $100K – 500K
Photos: canon eos1dsM3 javi

images courtesy of Architizer and Fundacion Arquia