Hollister’s Exceptional Hand Built Custom & Unique Motorcycles

hollisters custom motorcycles

Even if you don’t ride a bike, couldn’t care less about cruising the super slab, canyon carving, wind in your hair or bugs in your teeth and the words hog, chopper, scoot, and sled do nothing for you, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of Hollister’s MotorCycles, located in Zimmern-Horgen.

Hollister’s Custom Motorcycles

Hollister's Custom Motorcycles

Limited editions, unique specimens, completely rebuilt bikes and special editions that supposedly have many components which are handmade “From the tank to the steel crank”, the bikes are simply beautiful, standing still or screaming down the interstate.

above: the limited edition Excite

Volker Sichler (shown above) is the man behind Hollister’s. He claims to cater to those who do not want a “Born to be Wild image’ and to those who “do not want a Harley’ but instead a unique and distinct bike that suits their image. I believe he’s done it. Take a look at many examples of the bikes (in alphabetical order):

The Adrenalin:

The Anzac:

The Bahrain:

The Carver:

The Cash:

The Desire:

The Eagle:

The Eagle 3:

The Eternity:

The Excite:

The Fagus:

The Flash:

The Gorgeous:

The Impulse:

The Indigo:

The Neptune:

The Phantom:

details of the Phantom (which is available to book for appearances, along with the Excite):

The Pink Panther:

The Raven:

The Rooster:

The Seraab:

The Siberian:

The Silverstone:

The Sprattin:

The Spirit:

The St. Tropez:

The Tango:

The Vegas:

The Wild H:

The Wild M:

Hollister’s Philosophy (by owner Volker Sichler):

above: Volker Sichler

Our bikes are as unique as our customers.
By listening to our customers we first try to find out about and then tailor our products to their wishes and requirements. We show our know-how, come to a binding agreement and then get started. The customer is informed and experiences the progress from one production step to the next – until he is driving the bike.

A bike must be worth its money.
We are already building exceptional Custom Bikes at the price of 35.000 €. The customer even receives a custom built HOLLISTER’s at this price. Other higher technical and aesthetic visions are a challenge to us and worth the extra price for the customer.

Function and design are in harmony with each other.
The function and quality of our motorcycles are perfectly harmonious. As we testdrive the motorcycles over a distance of 1000 km, this fact underlines the reliability of our bikes. The customer is driving the bike for one day with our assistance and is instructed by us. The exceptional feature is that all parts, even the latest technical devices are designed harmonically and in a space saving way in accordance with all the other parts.

Visit the bikeport which has their present inventory of bikes for sale here.

They even came out with a stunning calendar for 2009, which, had I known, I’d have included in my 2009 Calendar post!

above: Limited to 1000 copies, the calendar was beautifully shot by photographer Peter Hillert of Sinzheim and designed by Graphic designer Joachim Buch of Herrenberg.

HOLLISTER’s MotorCycles
Appointments with Volker Sichler can be made by phone or mail.

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