Heat Things Up With Art. Electric Radiators With Decorative Glass Panels from Novellini Design Feature 38 Different Images.

Novellini Design of Italy has come up with a way to make wall mounted radiators do double duty as artwork. Their SOLE series of panel electric decorative glass radiators feature art or illustrations and photography as well as keep you warm.

Electric Decorative Glass Radiators


The electric radiators from Novellini offer 38 images in four categories; Design, Lifestyle, Nature and Zen, allowing you to find the right art for whichever style and room in which you put your radiator. Kitchen, bath or living room, the radiators can feature famous paintings by the likes of Gauguin and Mondrian, photos of food, cities or architecture or be customized for hotels.

glass art radiators

Glass Radiators Feature Art

modern radiators for the home

custom mirrored glass radiators

Novellini also makes decorative glass enclosures for the shower that feature the same image options. The photos below show bathrooms with both options:

artsy radiators

radiators from italy

Sizes and wattage (thermostats are not included):
Dim.: 600 x 1250 Power: 1000 Watt
Dim.: 600 x 1500 Power: 1200 Watt
Dim.: 400 x 1000 Power: 350 Watt
Dim.: 500 x 1000 Power: 500 Watt
Dim.: 600 x 1050 Power: 800 Watt

Glass Radiators Feature Art

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