Gun Chairs (Or New York Chairs) by Sebastian Errazuriz

gun chairs

If you’re not familiar with the witty yet urbane works of artist Sebastian Errazuriz, you ought to be. His tongue in cheek objects and installations are compelling and provocative, not to mention unusual. One of his fun projects is his collection of New York Chairs or Gun Chairs.

Gun Chairs

gun chair by sebastian errazuriz

A series of six different wooden chairs are hand-carved underneath their seats to hold a hidden gun. These simple exercises in craftsmanship and woodcarving reflect the artist’s passion to experiment with and improve his technique.

gun chairs
gun chair detail
gun chair detail

The chairs call to mind old New York gangster movies, where guns can be hidden anywhere as a last defense if attacked. Each chair comes with a corresponding gun and a roll of duct tape to fix the gun underneath.

gun chair underneath
clear gun chair

The Gun Chair 2 shown below is available at Cristina Grajales Gallery

gun chair 2

all images and info courtesy of Sebastian Errazuriz