Gucci Honors Stanley Kubrick in Exquisite Campaign With A Short Film and Ad Campaign

Gucci honors Kubrick

Gucci has honored legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick with a short film, music, backdrops and costumes in the advertising campaign for Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s “Exquisite Gucci” Collection executed by Mert & Marcus.

Gucci Honors Stanley Kubrick

Gucci Kubrick short
Gucci references A Clockwork Orange

A one minute short film in which Gucci honors Stanley Kubrick is populated with memorable characters and scenes from five of Kubrick’s greatest films; 2001 A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lindon, Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining as a backdrop to their adidas x Gucci collection.

gucci kubrik the shining bathroom
The Shining

Images accompanying the short of models wearing Gucci pieces from the latest collection are placed in the iconic movie backgrounds of the movies mentioned above.

gucci kubrik space odyssey2
2001: A Space Odyssey

You may recognize a Droog or two and certainly The Grady Twins. True fans of Stanley Kubrick’s will recognize everything from the carpet in the Overlook Hotel to the interior of the Discovery One.

gucci kubrik The shining
The Shining
adidas x gucci kubrick campaign
A Clockwork Orange

In Gucci’s words:
Reflecting on the phantasmagorical power of fashion, Alessandro Michele presented his Exquisite Gucci collection during Milan Fashion Week in a dizzying hall of optical mirrors—a space that took on metaphorical meaning for the way it enhanced and articulated exhibiting potential, just like clothes themselves.

gucci kubrick eyes wide shut
Eyes Wide Shut

“If you ask me, a garment is not, and never will be, just a piece of fabric. It’s rather the means through which we are able to unfold who we really decide to be, it’s how we shape our desires and the ultimate sense of our staying. That’s why I’ve always imagined my collections as films able to convey a cinematography of the present: a score of stories, eclectic and dissonant, that can sacralize the human and its metamorphic ability.” – Alessandro Michele

gucci kubrik a clockwork orange house
A Clockwork Orange

Expanding this notion, as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick, one of filmmaking’s brightest maestros who defied categorization, Alessandro Michele invited Milena Canonero, the costume designer of many of Kubrick’s films, to go back over some of the scenes that have become part of today’s cultural lexicon.

ggucci kubrik eyes wide shut
Eyes Wide Shut
gucci kubrik the shining overlook
The Shining

In a short film and series of photographs captured by Mert & Marcus under the art direction of Christopher Simmonds, Alessandro Michele repopulates these iconic images with the kaleidoscopic aesthetics of his Exquisite Gucci collection, creating short circuits where the past explodes into the present, and “everything can become anything, or something else.”

gucci kubrik Barry Lyndon2
Barry Lyndon

The adidas x Gucci gown, which lost its status of sportswear to become a Victorian costume, appears as a new character in the script of Barry Lyndon.

gucci kubrick barry lyndon
Barry Lyndon

A dress designed by Laura Whitcomb in the 1990s, recontextualized through a contemporary lens, fits in the eerie setting of The Shining, and the tulle ruches of an evening gown burst into the aseptic and dystopian backdrop of the Discovery One in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Gucci kubrick The shining IIHIH
The Shining
gucci kubrick space odyssey IIHIH
2001: A Space Odyssey

Symbolically sophisticated yet immediate, within this cinema-scape Alessandro Michele states, “Clothes get closer to bare life again. They turn into highly imaginative functional prosthesis, and they do so to tell a story. A story that shatters, enchants, tortures, ignites. Because it’s the story of the human that dwells in each and every one of us.”

And a look behind the scenes:

We really love the creativity Alessandro Michele is bringing to the brand. If you’ve not yet seen “Gucci Twinsburg”, the runway show revealing his latest collection for the House across two runways, each a reflection of the other and using 70 sets of twins, check that out here

Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Photographers & Directors: Mert & Marcus

‘With thanks to University of the Arts London, home of the Stanley Kubrick Archive’

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY © & ™ TEC. (s22)
BARRY LYNDON © & ™ WBEI. (s22)
EYES WIDE SHUT © & ™ WBEI. (s22)
THE SHINING © & ™ WBEI. (s22)

“Replicas of the original costume designs curated by Milena Canonero”.


“Title Music from A Clockwork Orange”
(from Purcell’s “Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary”, arr. by Wendy Carlos)
Written and performed by Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind
Published by Tempi Music
Performing Rights: BMI
Courtesy of Serendip LLC

“Clockworks (Bloody Elevators)”
Written and performed by Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind
Published by Tempi Music
Performing Rights: BMI
Courtesy of Serendip LLC

all information and images courtesy of Gucci