Game of Thrones Easter Eggs Printables. Worthy of The Iron Throne.

For both adults and kids this Easter come Eggs of Thrones. These free minimalist printables, designed by Amanda Anez for, will dress up your Easter Eggs a là Game of Thrones, House of Whomever, complete with armor, swords and the appropriate accessory (e.g. a hand for Jamie Lannister). All you need is a printer, dyed eggs, double-stick tape and scissors (or an exacto-knife).

Game of Thrones Easter Egg Printables

Game of Thrones Easter Eggs Printables
Jon, Dany, The Hound and Arya
example of one of the printables (reduced in size)

From Cersei to Dany, give your egg the best Throne in The House:

Daenerys, Jon Snow and Dragons
White Walker and Viserion
The Starks
The Lannisters

Just print these out at 100% here and you’re on your Way to Westeros.

The Game of Thrones Easter Egg printables were created by Amanda Anez and are courtesy of the Fun blog.

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