Simple, Elegant Wooden Tripod Stands for TVs and Monitors

Front Row Wood Tripod TV Stands

If you’ve ever shopped for a media cabinet or a stand for your tv you know that there are several, but few that are aesthetically pleasing – unless you purchase one that’s custom-built. Roomours of Germany offers a really nice alternative: The Front Row (and Front Row On Tour). Wooden tripod-like TV or Monitor screen stands made in Germany that are a pleasing alternative to cold glass and metal high tech stands and heavy media cabinets.

Front Row Wooden Tripod TV Stands

2022 updated versions of these wood media stands

Although designed for offices, the convenient and versatile screen stands work in private residences as well. You can mount a large tv or computer screen (up to 62″) on these oiled oak racks, one of which comes with wheels.

The foundation bases are solid and firm enough to hold high-tech digital equipment without worry and they take up minimal space.

Most displays for monitors are not typically attractive, especially for the office. These light up a conference room with a unique aura and capture front-row attention.

Front Row and Front Row On Tour can be used for all standard displays with 20×20 cm, 30×30 cm or 40×40 cm mounts. For displays with mounting dimensions larger than 20 x 20 cm an additional metal adapter plate powder coated in black is provided. Display height adjustment range is 20 cm.

Front Row Screen Rack/Stand

Price (subject to change): 536,00 €
Excl. VAT (Gross price, subject to change: 637,84 €)
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Front Row on Tour Screen Rack/Stand

Price (subject to change): 598,00 €
Excl. VAT (Gross price, subject to change: 711,62 €)
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About Roomours:
A wide range of office furniture, chairs and lamps carry the distinctive signature of Struppler Industriedesign. The design agency is specializes in high-quality office furniture from manufactures including Steelcase, Sedus, Haworth, Bene and Interstuhl and has garnered multiple awards for compelling, solution-oriented designs. This new project focuses on distinctive, versatile tools to create bold new accents in meeting and conference rooms.

Andreas Struppler in cooperation with Barbara Kolibius believe that presentation tools like flipcharts and whiteboards should be much more than simply functional. They should be designed to blend into contemporary office environments and uniquely support communication and creativity within the company.

Industrial designer Andreas Struppler started his career in the offices of Wolfgang Müller Deisig in Berlin and Siemens Design in Munich. He later worked on several projects for Matteo Thun in Milan and now manages his own successful design studio. His concepts exemplify optimal solutions combined with a minimalist language of form to create intelligent, innovative designs.