Frameworks Posters By Moxy Creative Celebrate Famous Eyeglass Frames., a blog about Men’s eyewear, sunglasses and glasses, has just issued a series of posters celebrating ‘Eyewear Made Famous’ by Moxy Creative.

Frameworks Posters By Moxy Creative

Frameworks Posters By Moxy Creative

The collection consists of six different aesthetically pleasing graphic art posters. Five of the posters each feature one iconic outline of recognizable eyewear frames on the subdued colored silhouettes of Andy Warhol, Johnny Depp, Mahatma Ghandi, Kanye West, and Yves Saint Laurent respectively. The sixth poster is a compilation of iconic white frames with call-outs beneath each of the face to whom the glasses belong.

The Warhol’s:

The Depp’s:

The Ghandi’s:

The Ye’s:

The YSL’s:

The Frameworks poster:

01. Woody Allen 02. Kanye West 03. Buddy Holly 04. Michael Caine 05. Kurt Cobain 06. John Lennon 07. Geordi LaForge 08. Malcolm X 09. Johnny Depp 10. Dame Edna 11.Stephen Colbert 12. The Blues Brothers 13. Austin Powers 14. Yves Saint Laurent 15. Elton John 16. George Costanza 17. Bootsy Collins 18. Elvis Costello 19. Terry Richardson 20. David Hockney 21. DMC of Run DMC 22. Andy Warhol 23. Mohandas Ghandi 24. Steve Urkel 25. Napoleon Dynamite 26. Clark Kent 27. Shock G of Digital Underground 28. Truman Capote

Each of the six 11.75″ x 15.5″ prints costs $30 and is limited to a run of 50.
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