Formal Falconry. Tiroler Goldschmied’s Exclusive Diamond-studded Hawk Hoods in Abu Dhabi.

My friend Jaci is traveling in the Middle East and taking fabulous pictures, a few of which included photos of Faloncry. This reminded me of an Italian Jewelry company I had read about that makes outrageously diamond studded, gold threaded, leather and crocodile falcon hoods in Abu Dhabi.

Formal Falconry Tiroler Goldschmeids

Formal Falconry Tiroler Goldschmeids.
For more than 40 years Italian Jewelers Tiroler Goldschmied has been working in the profession of goldsmith’s craft. Numerous international awards are confirmation for the particular team-work of the Gamper family and exquisitely designed jewellery has become their trademark. Driven by its passion, the Gamper family also designs exclusive refined and bespoke falconry and hunting accessories.

Tiroler Goldschmied developed its own new process to create exclusive diamond-studded hawk’s hoods for those who participate in Falconry. Every hood is one-of-a-kind piece and designed according to individual ideas and tastes.

Each accessory can be transformed into a precious one-of-a-kind piece, as unique, mysterious, and graceful as the fascination of hunting and falconry itself. The diamond-studded falconry hoods can be engraved with your handwritten signature, personal initials, or coat of arms (for those who have one).


The well known artisan Mr. Giancarlo Pirrotta makes the falconry hoods out of the finest materials and Tiroler Goldschmied refines them with unique gemstones underlining the grace and magic of hunting and falconry.

bejewelled hawk hoods

Not quite as fancy, Mr. Pirrotta also has a collection of luxury falconry products for Tardini. “Royal Hoods” is a range of falcon hoods, made in American Alligator and embellished with precious feathers, lapis-lazuli beads and 18kt gold thread or rich heraldic embroideries for Tardini of Italy.

royal falcon collection

Formal Falconry Tiroler Goldschmeids Diamond-studded Hawk Hoods

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