Foil Makes Stunningly Beautiful High Performance Ski Equipment.

foil ski equipment

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more beautifully-crafted, custom performance skis, bindings, poles and travel bags than those from Foil of Italy.

Foil Ski Equipment

Foil Ora Nero skis

Originally founded by Alessandro Marchi in Northeast Italy between Trieste and the Austrian Alps, he joined with former Austrian ski team member Andreas Pichler to form Foil International. Together, they searched for the perfect blend of materials, which, when hand-sculpted, would yield an elegance and performance never before experienced.

foil craftsmanship

The company offers four beautiful models of custom skis, each available in two styles; the “Classico” an all-mountain ski and the “Riserva” a slalom ski. In addition to their gorgeous looks, the Riserva ski was given peak ratings in all areas at the WorldSkitest and called “A ski that really shows no weaknesses and that makes skiing to a real pleasure. An absolute top performance of the newcomer!”

Foil designs and manufacturers all its skis and accessories in Italy with one objective: to combine beauty, performance and joy in a snow ski. They intentionally limit their production to a maximum of 300 pairs a year in order to both maintain quality and ensure the highest standard of direct communication with its customers.

Moca (African Rosewood)
Moca 1

Bianco (Blond African Rosewood)

Rossastro (illustrious Mahogany)

And their Special Edition 14k gold-plated Oro Nero (8000-year-old Bog Oak)
ora nero special edition

Foil bindings are designed for performance, safety and aesthetics. Every single detail has been meticulously conceived and painstakingly produced in order to provide a binding of unparalleled comfort, ease and elegance.

wood inlaid silver binding

The plated finish is extremely durable and guarantees a long- lasting beauty and unrivaled distinction. Every Foil binding is adjusted precisely to your boot in line with your physical attributes and level of proficiency. This adjustment ensures both a precise fit and a ski that is uniquely yours.

nickel plated bindings

The custom, high performance pivot bindings available in brushed aluminum, nickel-plated, platinum-plated and on the special Oro-Nero, 14k gold-plated (shown below).

14k gold gold plated bindings

foil ski poles
14k gold plated ski poles

Precisely measured to your specifications, Foil poles complete the package in both styling and performance. Custom designed with the highest quality materials, including hand-stitched leather grips and straps in addition to vintage leather baskets, Foil poles provide for the hands what our skis do for the feet.

bespoke poles rossastro poles

The poles for the special Ora Nero 14k gold-plated edition:gold-plated poles

foil custom travel bag2

The Foil travel bag is one-of-a-kind and made from the finest, pure aniline, top grain leather. Each bag comes with a certification from the “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana” (Vegetable-tanned leather of Tuscany) which guarantees the authenticity, natural tanning method and premium quality of the leather.

foil travel bag1

And for the special Ora Nero 14k gold-plated edition:
travel bag for ora nero

inlaid custom medallion

Engraved medallions with the client’s initials or logo are inset into each pair of skis and initials are tastefully added to the vintage lock, classic leather covered flask and travel bag as well.

custom initials

In addition to buying their products individually, they also offer “The full Foil Package” which includes Skis, Poles, Binding and the bespoke leather bag.

You won’t find Foil products at any traditional retailers. They work in association with heralded brand ambassadors and ambassador properties across the globe.

Foil Skis

information courtesy of Foil and Snow Industry News, photos courtesy of Foil