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Flatballs by Daisuke Samejima are Hand-Painted Spherical Urbanscapes of Japan.

flatballs hero

We’ve seen other landscapes painted on non-traditional canvases such as the work of Laura Spalding Best, but painting them in a full 360 degrees with a fish eye perspective is something new. And it’s what Japanese artist Daisuke Samejima does in his series, Flatballs, which ironically are anything but.

Spherical Urbanscapes

Flatballs by Daisuke Samejima are 170 mm spherical canvases on which he paints streets, buildings, bridges, homes and more in a continuous manner. The Japanese artist renders exterior scenes in acrylic paint on globes of resin as if you are viewing them in a convex mirror.

Flatballs by Daisuke Samejima
The unpainted globes the artist uses as canvases.
artist painting on a ball
The artist at work on one of his Flatballs.
flatballs by daisuke samejima
Gallery view
landscapes painted on spheres
Gallery view

four images of spherical paintingsDaisuke began creating these in 2016 and continues to perfect them. He says he may do larger ones soon. Currently most of the painted spheres measure 170 mm in diameter.

Flatballs by Daisuke Samejima gallery view

hand painted Flatballs by Daisuke Samejima

painted spheres

handpainted spheres daisuke samejima

painted spheres

Of course the best way to truly appreciate these spherical pieces of art is to see them in video.

The artist currently lives and works in Japan.


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