Maple Wood and Leather Chest Mimics Look of Interoffice Envelope.

Field Day Envelope Chest

While the classic interoffice envelope may not be familiar to those in today’s digital age, the warm yellow envelope with the red string tie closure was a staple for those of us in the work environment of old. 

Field Day Envelope Chest

The Envelope Chest by Field Day was inspired the look and function of the interoffice envelope. Perfect for storing your most important things, the sleek 40″ wide and 20″ tall chest fastens securely with custom red leather rounds and cord. Its soft close hinges and solid maple bottom complete the sturdy piece.

envelope chest 1envelope chest 2envelope chest 3Materials: Leather and Maple wood
Finish: Satin Lacquer

Width: 40″
Height: 20″
Depth: 20″

Price: $1400

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