Extreme Wow Makeover Suites At The Lexington W Hotel in New York

Extreme Wow Makeover Suites At The Lexington W Hotel

If you didn’t already know, the W Hotel chain owned by The Starwood Hotels and Resorts, has WOW suites and Extreme WOW suites in lieu of what is commonly referred to as Presidential and/or Honeymoon suites in other hotels.

Extreme Wow Makeover Suites At The Lexington W Hotel

At many of their global locations, these special suites have been designed by various interior designers, architectural firms or individuals. The latest to get an Extreme WOW makeover is the New York W Hotel at Lexington and 41st. At this location, the suites were designed by the internationally renowned architectural and interior design firm, BBG-BBGM.

Conceived as an urban oasis, the new guestrooms of the W Hotel designed by BBG-BBGM offer a respite from the chaos of the city by immersing the guest in soothing colors and textures inspired by nature. Curving, organic shapes complement modern angles while crisp white is softened with tones from the forest and earth.

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A sleek, adult version of an idyllic childhood tree house, the bed is wrapped in exotic zebrawood and creates the focal point of the newly designed guest room. The wood’s rich coffee color and dramatic grain pattern create a warm cocoon that encourages relaxation, reading or reminiscence. The custom-designed headboard incorporates a backlit, artfully abstract photo that can be interpreted as the silhouette of undulating hills or the curves of a beautiful human body. Whichever image the guest perceives, the photo creates a peaceful yet playful contemplation. Painted a sumptuous aubergine, the ceiling caps the canopy bed with warm, saturated color.

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The multi-level work area adjacent to the bed features a wooden desk topped by a clear glass plane on a pivoting metal leg. Chic and highly functional, the work area supports midnight email exchanges as much as midnight snacks. Echoing the painted ceiling, a contemporary armless desk chair is upholstered in softly textured, smoky aubergine chenille fabric. An accompanying ottoman can be pulled up to instantly create a lounge chair.

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The closet features an illuminated rod and glass door, creating an organized and efficient storage space as well as a welcome light for guests when they arrive ‘home’ in the evening. Additional storage is available in the sleek zebra wood millwork unit that houses drawers and the mini-bar.

Decorative and task lighting enhances the soothing mood of the guestroom. Amber LED lights at the window and above the bed cast the soft glow of sunsets while the purple splash of light above the mini bar adds a touch of drama. A purple translucent orb stands next to the bed providing sculptural illumination, while the tubular LED desk lamp can rotate to offer optimal light by which to work.

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An expansive flat screen television mounted on a slick metal pole in the corner rotates to ensure comfortable viewing from anywhere in the room.

New design elements in the bath echo those found in the room, while also making the space feel seamless and more expansive. Smoky amethyst wall covering is textured with deep horizontal grooves and capped by an L-shaped mirror with built-in lights.

These signature design elements wrap around two walls, enveloping the guest much as the zebra wood bed canopy. A new white floating shelf spans the full wall above the sink and toilet providing additional storage space for toiletries, while echoing the horizontal grooves of the wall covering. Clear glass panels have replaced a traditional shower curtain, making the bath brighter with a more spacious feel.

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Wow and Extreme Wow Specialty Suites Designed to evoke the essence of “chill”- offsetting New York City’s adrenaline and energy, the newly redesigned Wow and Extreme Wow (E Wow) specialty suites at the W Lexington offer something highly coveted and rare in urban environments – a unique experiential setting filled with unpredictable creativity.

Wow Specialty Suites -The Duplex Wow

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The duplex Wow suites at the Lexington W feature an impressive double-height ceiling and second-story loft bedroom. In order to enhance the dramatic vertical volume in these suites, a collection of specially designed, back-lit acrylic panels, featuring abstract tree forms, were commissioned from Farmboy Fine Arts.

These panels, which come in a variety of rectangular and square sizes, hang in an alluring pattern on the suites’ two-story wall, calling immediate attention to its vertical rise. The wiry images the screens project offset the geometric shape of the suites’ custom-designed furniture, such as the plush, oversized mohair sectionals in a relaxing light taupe.

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An impressive array of “object d’art” custom furnishings adorn the suites, including high-backed plush “throne” chairs with matching ottomans, a pair of undulating “pool” shaped bronze coffee tables, pendant-shaped hanging lamps inspired by Indian water vessels, and irregularly shaped live-edge wood console tables with rectangular plexiglass legs.

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The color scheme for the Wow suites artfully combines lighter neutral tones such as cream and taupe with chocolate brown, shimmering silver and bronze, and hues of aubergine and chartreuse. For instance, dark hardwood floors are accented with a light brown chic wool/silk animal print area rug, while a series of throws combine aubergine brocade with plush black faux-fur, and a plush cream-colored “shag” runner in the bedrooms adds a mod touch of light to richer finishes and textures.

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Extreme Wow (‘E-Wow’) Specialty Suites

The Extreme Wow specialty suites feature large, wrap-around (L-shaped) outdoor terraces with stunning city views. Since outdoor space is highly coveted in New York City, the design objective entailed positioning the suites as dynamic and exclusive outdoor spaces that happen to have complementing luxurious indoor living and sleeping quarters.

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The E Wow suites’ wrap-around terraces are transformed into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury, beckoning guests to enjoy relaxation time in this al fresco lounge. The terraces’ elegant teak flooring provides a canvas for a detailed selection of carefully-selected furnishings such as a large 89″ x 102″ x 102″ daybed with an oyster colored “sunbrella” cover, and solid cedar cocoon chairs with raw finishes which surround a perforated concentric polycarbonate ottoman.

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Additional furniture includes a teak-framed sectional, a reclining chaise on a dark wicker box, lounge “basket” chairs, and a long pine bench piece with steel footing. This assortment of furnishings invites guests to relax and take in the magnificent views, but also provides a multifunctional environment suitable for entertaining.

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As the suites’ foremost appeal is the terraces, the indoor space takes inspiration from them, and careful consideration was taken to blur the distinction between the two. For instance, the parlor seating is a mix of chic and contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, while Farmboy Fine Arts acrylic abstracts, similar to those in the Wow suites, are used in design elements such as the bed’s headboard and a set of matching outdoor metal screens-images of nature unite the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The color palette for the E-Wow suites is similar to the Wow suites, consisting of neutral textures and hues, accented by brilliant silver, deep aubergine, crimson and chartreuse.

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information courtesy of the architect via arch daily, hi -res photos of the suites and terraces, courtesy of the W Hotel and BBG-BBGM