Evil Clutching Cuteness Gives Dictators A Soft Side.

dictators with plushies ganged IIHIH

Chunlong Sun, a photographer and digital retoucher from Beijing, China had some fun with this little personal project. A series of images featuring world-renowned dictators clutching plushies gives them a tender side we all wish they truly had. The juxtaposition between the face of evil and a cuddly stuffed animal makes these serious portraits instantly humorous.

Muammar Khadafi (aka Muammar al-Gaddafi):
Khadafi and piggie IIHIH
Fidel Castro:
Fidel Castro with plush alligator IIHIH
Saddam Hussein:
Saddam Hussein with plush kitty IIHIH
Hugo Chavez:
hugo chavez with teddybear IIHIH
Mobutu Sesé Seko:
Mobutu Sesé Seko  with cow IIHIH

How they were created
To create the images, Chunlong Sun, photographed friends of his wearing uniforms and holding the toys. He then took the faces of the leaders from other photos and fairly seamlessly made composites (see below):
making khadafi IIHIH
making castro
making saddam
making chavez
making Mobutu
all images from Chulong Sun on Behance