An Uncensored Send Off to 2020 from Public, Inc.

an uncensored send off to 2020

As we wake on a new day of a new year, you’ll see messages of hope and renewal all over the place. Not here, not just yet… we’re still sore at the year that took its toll on every single person on the planet one way or another. After all, a new day doesn’t mean yesterday’s problems have miraculously vanished. Everyone agrees that the year could not have been worse and Public, Inc. has done an excellent job at giving the Year From Hell an appropriate uncensored send-off to 2020. And for a good cause to boot.

An Uncensored Send Off to 2020

support mental health

Instead of giving corporate gifts this year, Public, Inc. used their holiday gift-giving budget to make a donation of $2,020 to The Mental Health Coalition and the Black Health Alliance explaining that the best way to say FU to 2020 is by making sure that people have the mental health support they need in 2021. We heartily agree..

The video they produced for the cause is sure to resonate with you.

Text ? to 1-877-EFF-THIS (1-877-333-8447) and join them in making a donation to The Mental Health Coalition. Because #EFF2020. It was the worst.

Please note: standard text messaging and/or data rates may apply.
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Those who helped bring this together:
Production: Station Films
Directed: Brendan Gibbons
Music: Ari Posner
Sound Mixing: Andres Villarreal
Concept, Script, Editing, Social: Public Inc.

Public inc

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