The eBeanie Takes the Knit Hat into Tech Territory with Built-In Wireless.

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You’ve seen the hipster knit beanie on many a head, but the eBeanie by What’s Good is a classic winter hat that not only keeps you warm and chic but will also let you listen to music, sports or talk on the phone – wirelessly.

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Jogging, cycling, skiing or just kicking it becomes much easier with the eBeanie. No tangled cords or uncomfortable ear buds and no necessary style sacrifices. Hands-free and headphone-free, the FCC approved wearable technology allows you to chat on the phone and listen to music, sports or anything available on your smart phone or Bluetooth-enabled device. It has dual dynamic stereo speakers that deliver surprisingly quality sound and an integrated microphone for phone calls all embedded within the hat’s band. Only a simple control panel is visible.

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The cozy hat is made of 100% acrylic polyester, so it won’t itch like some wool caps. And it’s completely washable. Just remove the eBeanie’s control panel, stereo-quality speakers and wires through the slit in the inside back of the cap.

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To charge your eBeanie, plug the smaller end of the supplied USB cable into the port, which can be found through a small opening at the bottom of the cap’s control panel. Plug the opposite (and larger) end into a PC, laptop or, after using an adapter, an AC electrical outlet. Once fully charged, using the supplied USB lead, your eBeanie has six hours of talk/play time, 60 hours of stand-by time and will work within 20 to 25 feet of the connected Bluetooth-enabled device.

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The eBeanie comes in in five colors: black, gray, camouflage, navy and pink and makes a great gift for just about anyone.
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$49.95 (and free shipping!)
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