Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis: A Bottle, Box and Cocoonase By Iris Van Herpen

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A new creative collaboration with fashion designer Iris Van Herpen for Dom Perignon brings us a specially boxed bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 with a unique label and 2014: Cocoonase, an premium, made-to-order piece of art by the award-winning* fashion designer.

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This exclusive new edition combines Iris van Herpen’s forward-thinking aesthetic with the Dom Pérignon champagne’s playful expression, limitless innovation and taste for reinvention.

“Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis by Iris Van Herpen” – The Power of Creation meets the transverse universe of Iris van Herpen

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On the eve of New York Fashion Week, Dom Pérignon champagne announced its new collaboration with world-renowned designer Iris van Herpen: Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis. The occasion revealed the limited editions for end-of-year 2014: Cocoonase, the über-premium, made-to-order piece of art designed by Iris van Herpen, and an exclusive series of gift boxes featuring a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, whose label also inspired the creator.

This exclusive new collaboration combines Iris van Herpen’s forward-thinking aesthetic with the Dom Pérignon champagne’s playful expression, limitless innovation and taste for reinvention.

The Art Piece


cocoonase glass art champagne holder dom perignon

iris van herpen dom perignon bottle in cocoonase cu IIHIH

In Cocoonase, Iris van Herpen was inspired by the importance of time in crafting the Dom Pérignon vintages: the agility and speed needed to pick the best grapes at their peak of perfection, versus the wine’s many potent years of active maturation. Cocoonase highlights this duality of time to underscore the singularity of Dom Pérignon wines.

cocoonase duo glass art champagne

Cocoonase2-LRG IIHIH

cocoonase by iris van herpen

“The name Cocoonase references the butterfly which softens her cocoon shell before she goes into her next stage of metamorphosis,” said Iris van Herpen. “This piece of art houses Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, symbolically nestled inside of the cocoon structure, and its fine ribs and lines represent a one-way passage out. Cocoonase acts as a shield that protects the Dom Pérignon bottle as it prepares for its metamorphosis.”

DP IVH cocoonase on white IIHIH

The Bottle Label and Gift Boxes
Iris van Herpen also designed a limited edition of bottles and gift boxes for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004.

DP iris van herpen bottle and box IIHIH

DP iris van herpen bottle and box cu IIHIH

iris van herpen label design for dom perignon

The Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 gift box and label of the bottle are inflected with green in all its vibrant exuberance, illustrating the organic power that is generated within the wine in the process of its transformation to P2. For the Dom Pérignon brand, the green-dark color is an important code and chromatic expression. This penetrating darkness is a reflection of the soul of the wine, and its intensity, depth and complexity.


Dom Pérignon P2 is the new, energetic facet of the Dom Pérignon universe. An exponential leap into a higher definition of wine, the Dom Pérignon vintage experiences a Second Plénitude, or window of expression, after a period of extended and active elaboration.

Dom-Pérignon-Plentitiude P2-2014

In the darkness of the cellars, the wine achieves its Second Plénitude after a minimum 16 years of elaboration for a Blanc – or 18 years for a Rosé. The wine is lifted, bursting forth with a penetrating energy, speaking out clearly after a metamorphosis in the absolute calm and silence of the cellars.

Vintage 2004 leaves its mark on the history of Dom Pérignon for its ease and harmony. After no fewer than eight years of aging on the lees, Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 revealed its first radiant expression, with the promise of additional Plénitudes to come. From the very start, Vintage 2004 opens up in an astonishing way, with great ease and symbiotic. Gradually, with rare elegance, it glides between density and buoyancy in a seamless crescendo leading into the chiseled complexity of a singular universe.

On the nose, aromas of almond and powdered cocoa develop gradually into white fruit with hints of dried flowers. Classic toasted notes give a rounded finish and denote a fully realized maturity.

On the palate, the wine instantly traces an astoundingly fine line between density and weightlessness. Its precision is extreme, tactile, dark and chiseled. The full taste lingers with the utmost elegance on a sappy, spicy note.

The new limited edition centers upon metamorphosis: signifying the closure of one period and the birth of another, and a powerful symbol of evolution, transformation and renaissance. Throughout its history, the Dom Pérignon champagne has been intricately linked to the concept of metamorphosis. The spiritual legacy of Dom Pierre Pérignon constantly reinvents itself throughout the ages, selectively choosing when to emerge in the form of a new vintage.

*Iris Van Herpen won the prestigious ANDAM fashion award (2014 grand prize).

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