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Founded in 1986, JL Baril has gained worldwide renown as a company that specializes in high-end quality faucets. In 2003, JL Baril joined forces with Lichen, a full-service communications firm that has a serious penchant for product design, creation and innovation. Always on the lookout for technical advances and creative developments around the world, JL Baril and Lichen consistently offer solutions and products which combine cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking design.

JL Baril Water Faucets

Grazie water tap by Alessandro Mendini for JL Baril
Grazie water tap by Alessandro Mendini for JL Baril

Here are some of their most unusual faucets for kitchen and/or bathrooms. All of them both fun-looking and functional.

GRAZIE is a single-hole, single-lever bathroom faucet, that allows you to regulate water temperature and flow with one hand. Designed by Alessandro Mendini, it’s available with several choices of levers as shown below, as well as the one at the beginning of this post:

Grazie water tap

Grazie faucet

jl baril faucets

Form faucet and hardware

Geometrically inspired, its long, slender and curved spout melds perfectly to its squared base and its linear, rectangular handles. Look, admire, and let yourself get swept away by its form. Shown above is a kitchen faucet, bath faucet and tub faucet, all in the FORM collection.

above: Personalize Form and change its look, by choosing one of four available handles; Bleached Maple, Cherry wood, Wengé or Chrome.

M (their first colored faucet)
M faucet in chrome
M Faucet in red
M faucet in orange

JL Baril is proud to introduce its first colored faucet. M is its name. M is offered in chrome, red and orange; M orange, a psychedelic look for those nostalgic for the 70’s, and M red, for an intense 80’s look:

JL Baril's M colored water faucets

And now, it’s available to customize in any one of Benjamin Moore’s available paint colors!!
M faucet in custom colors

M faucet in custom colors

Made of solid brass and equipped with a ceramic cartridge, M is turned on with one hand to regulate water temperature and flow. M offers a complete bathroom collection with a 4-piece roman tub faucet, shown below:

M Faucet collection
Go here to a site dedicated to the M faucet.

Fur Faucet

It may be politically incorrect, but it sure is pretty. FUR is the very first faucet adorned with real fur. The generally sober aspect of this faucet is elevated by two strips of fur.

Fur is a single-hole, single-lever faucet that allows you to regulate your water temperature and flow with one hand. Fur is finished in chrome and is adorned with real strips of fur that are changeable if you wish to modify its general appearance. Fur proposes a variety of insertions; Brown leather, Chrome and Wengé essence wood.

Touch Me water faucet

Touch it lightly and water will flow for 12 seconds. Touch it again within the 12 seconds to shut water off. Touch Me is the first faucet that is activated without the use of a handle. Simply touch the stainless steel body to prompt into action.

Touch Me answers all solicitations with a flash of purple light. Touch Me is a single-hole faucet made of brushed steel. The water temperature is regulated by the mixer located at the base of the faucet. Touch Me is attached to an electric outlet via a secure 12 volts adaptor. No, you won’t get electrocuted.

Flou water tap
Fluo is a faucet that is not only seen during the day, since all faucets are not simply chromed.

Fluo brightens up your bathroom once the lights are turned off. It’s shiny character is due to its two phosphorescent rings. Single-lever faucet that allows you to regulate your water temperature and flow with one hand. Fluo is delivered with 6 fluorescent colored rings, one of which is phosphorescent, so your flow can glow!


Vela allows you to redefine your conception of faucets. Vela is a triangle that is sundered when in use. The original look is what makes Vela so popular.

Vela is a chrome-finished, single-hole, single-lever faucet that allows you to regulate water temperature and flow with one hand.

Their design-object faucets are made-to-order according to your specifications. All faucets will be shipped approximatively 4 weeks after the order is placed.

To place your order with a JL Baril representative, please call 1-800-463-3871 (toll-free) Payment can be made by Paypal, credit card, cheque (products shipped upon receipt) or C.O.D. When ordering via email on the Faucet-Maker site, please fill-out the eform, and a JL Baril representative will contact you at your convenience to verify your order and approve the method of payment. For security reasons, and to ensure accuracy, you must speak and confirm your order directly with one of JL Baril’s customer service representatives (unless your order is purchased directly through PayPal).

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