Dad’s Uses Tech Skills To Bring Kids Imagination To Life.

Brothers 8-year-old Dom and 6-year-old Al are lucky boys. The two love to doodle and their father, an Executive Creative Director at UK Advertising firm MediaCom, has taken to bringing their child-like drawings to life via realistic photo manipulation. The results are weird and wonderful animals, faces and creatures of all kinds.

Dad Brings Kids Imagination To Life

Many years ago we introduced you to another talented dad, tattoo artist Fred Giovannitti, who colored in his children’s drawings and Mia van Beek, who turns children’s drawings into jewelry and more. We even brought you a post about children’s drawings being turned into organic plush toys, but Tom is the first we found who uses realistic photo tools to create the outcome.

Below are several examples from Their IG account:

dad brings child's drawing to lifemaking drawings into cgi creatures

Having received world-wide attention with their Instagram account beginning in October 2016 with a flurry of articles in the press, they published a book titled Things I Have Drawn: At the Zoo.

Tom Curtis is a Managing Partner and ECD at MediaCom

Tom wrote about how he and the boys began the project and the length of time it took to get followers and press here on Linked In.

Follow him on Instagram here.

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