3 Cute and 3 Creepy Parodies of Frozen’s Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

best cute and creepy Frozen Parodies

I know, we’re all sick of hearing ‘Let It Go’ and have just about had it with all the songs from Disney’s animated movie Frozen. That said, there are a few cute  parodies and a few dark and twisted ones out there that you may have not yet seen. Here are six different takes on the song Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Three are cute and have some seriously good singing voices and three are just downright disturbing. In a good way.

Frozen Parodies

The Cute Ones

Do You Wanna Be My Boyfriend?
A cute stalker’s’ take on the song with lovely vocals by the adorable Sarah Nguyen from BarkadaInc:

Do You Wanna Get A Beer Man?
by Tommy Chuang

Do You Wanna go To Starbucks?
Two students from Point Loma Nazarene University (out of San Diego) dive into the life of a college student during finals week:

The Creepy Ones

Will You Help Me Hide A Body?
Most posts of this only share the first stanza. Here’s the whole fabulous song (audio only) by Mary Medley,

Will you help me hide a body?
C’mon we can’t delay
No one can see him on the floor,
Get him out the door,
Before he can decay!

I thought you were my buddy
We won’t get caught
Just help me and don’t ask why

Will you help me hide a body?
It didn’t have to be in one piece.

(Go away, Anna)

Oh dear, why…

Won’t you help me hide a body?
This one’s been knocked out since last Fall
I think his company is overdue
It’s about time we threw
His body down the well

(Stay down there, Joan.)

It gets a little lonely
Digging up all these graves
Out in the night by myself…
(Ugh, we’re already running out of space in these caves!)

Elsa, please I know you’re in there
You’ve been hiding all these years
They say, “don’t cry” and I have tried to
Hide bodies without you
Now I’m out of tears

I’ve killed mother and father
Now it’s just you and me
What are you gonna do?

Won’t you help me hide their bodies?

I’m coming for you, Elsa….
Download the mp3 here

Do You Wanna Do Some Blow Man?
From Frozen’s Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, Bree Essrig & Brett Erlich voice this chillingly real video about two sisters whose relationship has gone cold: Do You Wanna Do Some Blow, Man. Who knew Elsa and Anna were into that kinda thing?

And my personal favorite, Disney Meets Breaking Bad:

Also worth noting is this Frozen mashup by Perez Hilton

Do you wanna slit your wrists yet?