Custom Watercolor Map Mobile Phone Cases

This is such a cool product and process! Jace Design teamed up with Stamen, a world-leading provider of data visualization and mapping design, to create a way for you to choose any location in the world and have it rendered in watercolor for your Apple, Samsung or Pixel mobile phone case.

Custom Watercolor Map Mobile Phone Cases

The process is simple. Much like using Google maps, you can insert any state, city, landmark or a zip code and simply drag the map to pan, pinch/scroll to zoom, and shift-drag to rotate until you are pleased. The mapping data is automatically transformed into a watercolor image. (Note: this works best with the Chrome browser, I could not get it to work with Firefox)

The Adventurer Custom Watercolor Map Phone Case

Below are some examples of variations you can create for any location by just manipulating the map:

San Francisco:

San Diego:

Birmingham, Michigan:

The Las Vegas Strip:

Other Options:

In addition to the watercolor style above, they also offer  a Japanese woodblock style print, Japanese woodblock style printed on wood, and line art printed or engraved maple wood as options. All of which can be easily manipulated to feature whatever location you’d like.

Printed Map Line Art Phone Case
Carved Wood Line Art Map Phone Case
Wood Ember phone case
Other options in addition to watercolor

Choose from Traveler cases with bumpers or Snap On polycarbonate cases in matte or glossy finishes.

These options turn your phone case into a personalized work of art. Create a design with the location of your choosing and make something that represents you — or that which means something to you.

• Clear, open ports for connectivity
• Free domestic shipping
• Ships in 2-4 business days

Prices range from $29 to $49.

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