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crazy safety helmets for kids

With all the ride-on toys, bikes, scooters, balance boards and more on the market these days, it’s important to protect the little heads of those who enjoy them. That’s where Crazy Safety helmets come in. These fun and certified safe children’s helmets are designed in Denmark by Zdenko Oliver Santini, who was inspired by both his love of cartoons and his own two children.

Crazy Safety Helmets For Kids

crazysafety-boys dragon and shark

Crazy Safety Helmets for kids are a line of padded, rubber molded helmets shaped like adorable animals, sharks, dragons and skulls.

img_KNOWchild on bike with black dragon helmetlittle girl with cheshire cat helmet

With Crazy Safety, your child will gain access to a world of cool and colorful animals that provide them with full protection in traffic. It has never been easier to get junior to wear a helmet.

crazysafety-catalogue-uk-35girl bike zebra helmetimg_BEHINDHow did Zdenko come up with the concept?
The idea occurred to Zdenko in the 8th grade, when his parents wanted him to wear a bicycle helmet. He found it totally geeky. Therefore, he decorated his helmet with cardboard horns and two eyes made of polystyrene balls from art class. Then he suddenly had a bull on my head. His friends were crazy about the idea – and stood in line to get a helmet just like it.

zdenko working on helmet

To design the helmets, Zdenko first draws the figures by hand, after which he had digital 3D models made by a professional graphic designer. However, the models were much too angular and lifeless. So he decided to make the figures out of modelling wax on an ordinary bicycle helmet, which he then sent to the manufacturer. This worked, and since then, he’d used that method every time he has designed a new figure. Below are several of the helmets.

Wild Skull and Black Dragon:
wild skull and black dragon helmetsCheshire Cat, Chinese Dragon, Giraffe and Chipmunk:
chesirecat chines dragon chipmunk and giraffeZebra, Tiger, White Shark and Leopard:
zebra leopard tiger white sharkStandard features of the helmets:
helmet features
• rubber surface
• colored straps
• chin cup
• adjustment buckles
• and LED light at the back – for additional safety.

img_SEEAvailable additional equipment for each character
The Crazy Safety series also includes lights, bells, locks and additional equipment such as reflective vests, reflective bands, knee and elbow pads for each character.

crazysafety-catalogue-uk-5cheshire cat and extras

The products have safety certification from the internationally renowned institute TÜV.

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