Cozy Hand To Hand Combat: Vs. Mittens From Hoopla

What happens when your left hand dons a lion and your right a gazelle? They stay cozy, that’s what.

These wool and acrylic blend hand-made knitted mittens from Hoopla pit prey against predator. With six different duos to choose from:

lion vs. gazelle:

owl vs. mouse:

wolf vs. sheep:

whale vs. fish:

dog vs. cat:

and a frog vs fly:

Super cute and fun, the mittens are made from strictly regulated farm australian wool and are one size fits all (adults).

Shop for the Vs. Mittens here.

about hoopla:

hoopla is a fun and unique gift product development company based out of New York, NY. the hoopla team was created by two silly girls (Hannah and Ashley) with a passion for life, and fun. With hannah’s background as a creative director/ graphic designer, and Ashley’s background in business strategy branding, hoopla came to be! we love what we do, and we are our own customers. we hope you enjoy our stuff, and the funner things in life!