Items For The Consummate Cannabis Christmas – All from Amazon

cannabis christmas gifts

Deck the halls with marijuana, fa la la la la la la la la. Cannabis Culture has been growing, if you’ll pardon the pun, like crazy. The new legislation and laws regarding the legalization and use of the herb, in various states, have increased the market to include a new wave of health-conscious and recreational users. As a result, new and improved paraphernalia and products ranging from home decor to apparel are now available.

Consummate Cannabis Christmas

Here are 12 essential items to create the Consummate Cannabis Christmas. Beginning with the necessary decorating items through to Christmas Morning and the ceremonial opening of gifts, these are what you need to make the most of your Holidaze. They all are available through Amazon- which means you can buy them with the click of a button and they’ll ship quickly and safely.

The Decor
As you prepare for the holiday, here are the essential items for any self-respecting stoner: the proper wreath, tree, lights, ornaments and gift wrap and of course, stockings.

1. The Wreefs Wreath:
marijuana christmas wreath

Wreefs brand artificial 12″ diameter Marijuana Wreath is the nicest one on the market with a leather hanging strap and great packaging. buy it here. They even make a set of hang tags so you can use the Wreef wreath all year round.

Buy them here

2. The Weed Tree:
weed tree

The original Weed Christmas Tree™ stands 7 feet tall and has realistic faux marijuana leaves. Think of the fun you could have decorating this! That’s a tree-trimming party begging to be had. (Ornaments and bow not included.) buy it here

3. The Lights
Nothing says you’re lighting up for Christmas like a 12 foot long string of 10 LED Marijuana leaf lights.

pot leaf lights
buy them here

4. The Ornaments:

No wood laser cut or hand made ornaments. We’re talking nice glass ball ornaments. Hard to find, but there’s a few you can buy in various colors here
You’ll find many other options for Cannabis-related ornaments here

5. The Stockings
Made by Royal Highness, these limited edition all cotton, silk-screened stockings measure 15″ long and come in red or green.

marijuana leaf christmas stockings
buy them in Green
or in Red

6. The Wrapping Paper:
This premium heavy weight gift wrap has an attractive olive green and white leaf pattern that is more stylish than most. And it looks great when tied with hemp string or cord.

marijuana christmas wrap
buy it here

For Christmas Eve
As you settle in on Christmas Eve, create the perfect atmosphere with Hashish, Sativa and Indica-scented candles as you sip some cannabis cocoa, play some games and bake up some cookies for Santa! (I’d leave the pot out of them though –  he does have to drive after all)

7. The Candles:
Photogenics & Co. offers hand-poured scented candles in No.1 Hashish, No.2 Indica and No.3 Sativa, each available in one of three different style containers.

cannabis candles

Made with high grade coconut oil wax. Hashish, Sativa and Indica top notes.
Shop for the candles in concrete containers here, in black rubber containers here or in white glass containers here

8. Cookies for Santa:
Bake up a batch of pot leaf shaped cookies for the Big Guy. It just takes some good stainless steel cookie cutters a little sugar cookie mix, some green cookie icing and some royal icing sugar eyes


9. The Board Game:
Pass the time with several fun options of Cannabis-related board games, card games, mad libs and the like. This is one of our favorites.

cannabis board game

Buy it here
We have a slew of other great marijuana-themed board games and card games to choose from here as well.

For Christmas Morning
The Wake and Bake all in one ceramic coffee Mug is the perfect way to start your 420-friendly holiday. Take a hit and watch the gifts get torn open while wrapped in your pjs and cozy robe.

10. The Wake and Bake Coffee Mug:
wake and bake mug
buy it here

11. The Pajamas and Robe:
No one gets dressed on Christmas morning, not unless you’re an undertaker. As you lounge around, stay warm and cozy in an adult onesie and/or matching hooded robe with a Jamaican color scheme. Ya Mon.

cannabis robe
buy the robe here
Buy the matching unisex onesie here

12. The Gifts. OH! The gifts.
gifts for pot smokers

From stocking stuffers to high-end humidors, we have over 800 items for the Cannabis Connoisseur (most from Amazon), broken into sections on our Dope Design board on Pinterest, making it easy for you to find whatever you need! Get movin’, there’s only 16 shopping days left!

cannabis christmas gifts

Find everything Christmas Cannabis themed from decorations to ugly sweaters here

You’ll find mugs, tableware and all your cannabis baking tools for the cook here

The number of Cannabis Coloring books is enough to make your head spin. Shop those here.

From dominos to jigsaw puzzles, plush toys to board games, all your marijuana-related fun can be found here.

You’ll find rugs, bedding, lava lamps, ashtrays, clocks and furniture for the 420-friendly here

Cannabis-related clothes, perfume, bags, jewelry, scarves and shoes can be found here.

Stocking stuffers like phone cases, lighters, grinders, and more affordable gifts for the smoker are here.

2018 calendars, reference books, gift books and books for growers are all here.

Stash jars, travel kits, humidors and other ways to store your flowers are available here.

Shop for over 150 pieces of paraphernalia here

From home test kits to cleaning tools, reports on health and more regarding cannabis can be found here

Now, have yourself a Merry-uana Christmas! Happy Holidaze!