Clever Condoms, Colorfully Packaged from Archie Grand.

archie grand condoms hero IIHIH
Condoms made by German maker Ritex for Archie Grand. Based off of their colorful and witty journals.

The journals that inspired the condoms:
Archie Grand notebooks IIHIH

These condoms follow EU regulation and have instructions for use (as if you need them) in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Sold in a mixed set of four (you choose) or three different fixed sets of four or a fixed set of 9.
archie grand condoms IIHIH

Sets of four:
Bosses-creatives-nurses-secretarys 4 pack IIHIH Celebrities-models-sexaholics-husbands pack of four IIHIH Wives-surfers-doctors-bankers condom 4 pack IIHIH

Set of nine:
archie grand-9-condoms pack IIHIH

archie grand condoms2 IIHIH
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