Chew On This: Upscale Flavored Toothpicks From Daneson Include 200 Year Old Single Malt Scotch.

Upscale Flavored Toothpicks From Daneson

Lest you think only tacky folk and rednecks chew on toothpicks, let me correct you. Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Robert Pattison, Ashton Kutcher, Jude Law (and son Rafferty), P. Diddy and Chace Crawford are all toothpick chompers.

Upscale Flavored Toothpicks From Daneson

Upscale Flavored Toothpicks From Daneson

Daneson toothpicks are fine quality northern white birch wood soaked and kiln dried, using a time consuming process to create rich flavors for the discriminating toothpick-user/chewer. They also make a great gift to satisfy those who are attempting to quit smoking or who simply have an oral fetish.

above: The Single Malt Nº16 is made from barrel aged Islay single malt scotch from a 200 year old distillery

Available as either Salted, Smoked, Cinnamint, Lemon, Mint or their most intriguing, Single Malt Nº16, they warm in the mouth releasing the subtle and distinct flavors.

The following are packets of 4 and boxes of 24 bottles split 50/50 between two flavors.

Each bottle, which is beautifully packaged, includes a minimum of 12 tasty toothpicks and is available as a pack of 4 bottles or a box of 24. Starting at $19.99 for four bottles, they may seem expensive, but the price you’re paying reflects the cost of making extraordinary small batch toothpicks with hygienic, environmentally practical packaging.

above: their merchandizing display at Spruce on Parliament

Also, soon to be offered are these beautiful leather pouches made to hold the toothpicks:

all images courtesy of Daneson

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About Daneson:

Daneson was founded and is owned and operated by Peter Smith. The name Daneson is a play on the two maternal names in his family – the regal Ca from San Francisco on his fathers side and granma Elsie from Denmark, by way of Wisconsin, on his mothers side. Both women influenced him and deserved a tip of the hat.

• All of their suppliers, barring Scotch from Islay, are either American or Canadian.
• They’re based, weather permitting, out of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron in Canada.
• With forestland their goal is to maintain a minimum 1:1 ratio of consumption to preservation.
• In simple terms, if one acre of forest goes into Daneson then, at the very least, one acre comes out of Daneson in forest preservation.

As they say “A toothpick is more than just a toothpick. With the right recipe a Daneson can bring back memories, relax the mind, complete a meal or distinguish a character.”