Celebrity Cavemen. 20 Famous Folks As Neanderthals.

Celebrity Cavemen. 20 Famous Folks As Neanderthals

While most sports fans will be busy watching large men grunt as they play the NFL Championship game tomorrow, I thought I’d introduce you to a different sort of Troglodyte today: the Celebrity Caveman.

Celebrity Cavemen

The following Celebrity cavemen images are entries by various computer artists from six different Worth1000 Effects contests in which they were asked to combine celebrities with Neanderthals using Photoshop and/or other effects software.

Gene Hackman:
Celebrity Cavemen

George Clooney:
george clooney as caveman

Morgan Freeman:
morgan freeman as caveman

Tommy Lee Jones:
tommy lee jones as caveman

Hugh Laurie:
hugh laurie caveman

Snoop Lion:
Snoop Caveman

Kate Winslet:
kate winslet caveman

Nick Nolte:
nick nolte neanderthal

Al Pacino:
al pacino caveman

Sean Connery:
sena connery caveman

Robert deNiro:
robert deniro caveman

Daniel Craig:
daniel craig caveman

Harrison Ford:
harrison ford caveman

shakira caveman

Will Smith:
will smith caveman

Jake Gyllenhall:
Jake Gyllenhall caveman

Tobey Maguire:
Tobey Maguire caveman

Sean Penn:
sean penn caveman

Danny Trejo:
danny trejo caveman

(at top) Willem Dafoe:
Celebrity Neanderthals

I chose the above twenty images from six different Celebrity Neanderthal Contests from the past three years on Worth1000, the most recent of which ended about 3 weeks ago. My selection was based on the executions or humor quotient. Several entries were poorly executed, some looked like trolls and still others like zombies. I chose what I personally felt were the 20 most entertaining. Please note: these images have been cropped for better visibility and therefore are missing the Worth1000 watermark.

To see all of the original entries in the contests, visit the following links (there does not seem to be a 4th contest despite the numbered names):
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Celebrity Neaderthals 2
Celebrity Neaderthals 3
Celebrity Neanderthals 5
Celebrity Neaderthals 6
Celebrity Neaderthals 7

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