Candles In Cool Containers from Oliver & Co.

Oliver & Co Candles

Let’s face it, when buying upscale candles, you know you’re paying for the container as opposed to the wax, essential oils and rope wick- which run about 60 cents per candle. And with some candles costing up to hundreds of dollars from brands like Missoni and Fornasetti, I hope you like the container enough to keep it after you’ve burned the candle within.

Oliver & Co Candles

That’s why I want to introduce you to these pretty scented candles from perfumer Oliver & Co. The candle designs were inspired by the angular and dynamic lines of spaceships. Each candle is color coded to represent a sensation based on each scent. The result is an innovative contrast between the botanical essences and a futuristic inspired graphic design.

Ambarina – Pine, bergamote, sandalwood, cinnamon, moroccan amber.
ambarina candle IIHIH
Fig Pulp – fig leaves, fig pulp, vanilla.
fig pulp candle IIHIH
Henolia – hay, lavender, sage, eucalyptus.
henolia candle IIHIH
Santalum – sandalwood, rose petals, raspberry.
santalum candle IIHIH
Silver Fir – elemi, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, fir, amber, musk, vanilla.
silver fir candle IIHIH
Tabacle – apple, patchouli, tobacco.
Tabacle candle IIHIH
Tuberosen – white flowers bouquet, tuberose, vanilla.
Tuberosen candle IIHIH

Made in Spain, each 225g scented candle comes with a wooden lid, has a burn time of 50/60 hours.

They sell for $52.30 USD or 42 euros when purchased directly from their site here at Oliver and Company Perfumes.

Also available from Lucky Scent, but for $65 each.

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