Bunaco. Beautiful Speakers Made of Beech Wood.

bunaco speaker by nendo

The Bunaco Speaker by nendo is an omni-directional speaker that looks more like a sculpture than a sound amplifier. Designed to maximize sound and its distribution, the wireless speakers utilize the absorbing quality of beech wood for clear and quality sound.

Bunaco Speaker by nendo

bunaco speaker by nendo

Designed by nendo, the Bunaco speaker comes in either a standard form or a premium model. Both have built-in amplifiers that connect wirelessly with smartphones or PCs. The vertical standing speakers have an innovative design and aesthetic appeal that make them optimal for using in places where people gather.

bunaco speaker in situ

The Bunaco speakers make effective use of the abundance of beech trees that grow in Aomori prefecture in Japan. By taking thin, narrow strips of beech wood and rolling them tightly into coil-based shapes, the craftsmen at Bunaco, a Japanese company who specialize in making Beech wood products for the home, can make an object with less cracks that alleviates distortion and reverberation. They are also water resistant.

bunaco beech wood speakers

The shape of the internal cavities, fine steps, and the sound absorbing qualities of the beech wood produce a uniquely clear and soft tone for high quality sound. To accentuate the beauty of Bunaco’s woodwork, the speaker is supported with a transparent acrylic cylinder.

bunaco speaker premium

BUNACO SPEAKER Premium model
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beech wood speaker

The premium model features the same high-quality sound but its design intentionally leaves a beautiful roll of beech tape left curling from the bottom, enabling users to intuitively understand the speaker’s structure as well as the craftsmanship invested in its production.

japanese industrial design

speaker design

●size (mm) H:610 W:180 D:180
● weight (g) 1900

BUNACO SPEAKER Standard model (Natural or Dark Brown)
bunaco standard models

The standard speakers are slightly smaller than the premium version and available in two colors.

bunaco standard speakers

●size (mm) H:510 W:180 D:180
●weight (g) 1600

designed by nendo
photos Akihiro Yoshida

The Bunaco Speaker is available to purchase online at Bunaco or at nendo’s new online store, Nendo House