With Only One Fully Formed Hand, Violet Spring Is A Beautiful Muse For Her Mom.

Violet Spring

Award-winning Auckland Photographer Holly Spring was blessed with the perfect muse. Her beautiful daughter Violet was born with Symbrachydactyly, a rare congenital defect that left the blue-eyed little girl with only one fully formed hand.

Violet Spring Is A Beautiful Muse For Her Mom

Violet Spring Is A Beautiful Muse For Her Mom
violet spring7

Violet was also born with Hirschsprung’s disease, a gastrointestinal disorder, but you’d never know it from looking at these photographs. Filled with joy, strength and hope, the images captured by Holly are life-affirming as opposed to pitying.

violet spring6violet spring15 (cropped)

Holly says photographing her daughter is so much more intense as a result of her health problems. “Every photo is a treasure, every milestone is one worth celebrating”

violet spring8violet spring4violet spring12

Spring was inspired to document the world through her daughter’s eyes “and the absolute wonder they hold,” according to TODAY Parents.

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violet spring14
violet spring16 (uncropped)

“She has taught me so much about myself. As much as she is my model, she is also my role model and reminds me to have the same courage in life.” – Holly Spring

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Photographer Holly Spring with her daughter Violet Spring:
holly and violet

Holly Spring is an award winning photographer from Auckland, New Zealand with an Associate and Master of Photography who shoots portraits, landscapes and weddings. Please note that some of these photos have been cropped for the post. See the full photos and more of her work at her website here.

all images © and courtesy of Holly Spring Photography