Bonzini Scores With Their Fabulous Football Tables!

bonzini foosball tables

Bonzini of France has been manufacturing football tables (also known as foosball) for over 80 years now. They carry many sizes, many styles and make custom versions as well. Ornate, modern, branded, animal print, all wood… if you’re a foosball fan, you’ll find the football table for yourself here. Check out these tables.

Bonzini Foosball Tables

American (Monument Valley):

New York (in white or black):

new york foosball table


Bonzini foosball Woodstock-graphic


fancy foosball tables



In addition to the fun colored and graphic tables, they also carry these:

White Lacquer:
Black Lacquer:

Grey lacquer with transparent legs:

Red Lacquer with grey legs:

Various woods

The Standard:
wood foosball tables
The Rustique:
The Ceruse:

Special sizes

the Demi-Giant (or mini-giant):
giant foosball table

The Giant:

and extra small ones for small spaces:
mini foosball tables

Special editions with drawers for storage, making it double as a functional piece of furniture. With either 2 drawers or 12:

And they make an edition that accommodates the handicapped:
foosball table for handicapped

Customized editions (Mako, Virgin Mobile,Carlsberg Beer, Paramount Pictures, and even Barbie)

custom branded foosball tables

Barbie foosball table

They will even customize the football players:
custom foosball players

Company History:

Since the company’s foundation in 1927, Bonzini has been active in the leisure industry. Initially, its core businesses were precision engineering and furniture manufacturing. From the 1930s onwards, this expertise was channeled into the leisure industry.

bonzini factory history

It was in the early 1950s that Bonzini developed its range of football tables, bringing out the B53 model from its Bagnolet workshops in 1952. The first B60 came out in 1959; its styling and the use of what were then modern materials were to break new ground in the bar games sector.

vintage wood football table
history of foosball

•Over 115,000 B60 tables and 40,000 B90s have been manufactured and sold in nearly 60 countries to date.

•Today, Bonzini football tables are a recognised feature in such varied areas as the bar and leisure industry with the B60 model, community facilities, the home market and the communications sector, especially with the B90.

above: The B90 and the B60

•In the 4400 sq. m of buildings at their Bagnolet facility, they manufacture close to 5000 football tables a year, all models combined, for homes, community groups and public venues.

•Bonzini football tables account for 85% of the commercial tables equipping bars and hotels across France. We export over 30% of our output to more than 60 countries on every continent.

The factory now: