Blackboard Coated Pendant Lamps Are A Canvas For Creativity.

in es blackboard lights

These great pendant lamps by In-Es ArtDesign are not only an aesthetically attractive collection of lighting for the home, but they also double as a canvas for creativity.

Blackboard Coated Pendant Lamps

The interactive lamps are available in various shapes and sizes, each can be doodled upon with chalk, erased and doodled upon – again and again.

Blackboard Coated Pendant Lamps

Pendant Lamps

Blackboard Coated Pendant Lamps. What a great idea! To make the external surface of a suspension light a blank canvas for drawing or writing with chalk, should you want to. Apply messages, art or patterns to any of the three styles with ordinary colored chalk.

The lamps encourage creativity and imagination. Oh and did we mention, they are great-looking and provide light too?

Blackboard Coated Pendant Lamps

Whether you decorate them or leave them blank, the lights, which come in three different shapes with various colored interiors, work beautifully in any environment.

in-es art design lamps

modern lighting

These lamps are also available with a concrete-like paint finish for those who want a lighter look, as shown below.

concrete Pendant Lamps

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