The Five Best April Fools Pranks of 2016 From Well-Known Brands

best april fools pranks of 2016 IIHIH

Not only were these April Fool’s pranks funny, they were smart. These five well-known brands played off their marketing strengths, trends, consumer desires and technology to pull one over on the internet-trusting public on April 1st.

Best April Fools Pranks of 2016

From faux fashion collections to made-up mobile phone apps brands H&M, OpenTable, Krispy Creme, Samsung and CarGurus proved they have a sense of humor in addition to their marketing savvy. Appearing on April 1st, aka April Fool’s Day, were real-looking websites, mock-technology videos and phony products launched by these brands which either led you to the real sites or reminded you of how much you like them. Win-Win.

Mark Zuckerberg X H&M

zuckerberg x H7M collection April Fools if it's hip, it's here

My favorite of them all. Fashion retail chain H&M mocks the one-outfit wearing Zuckerberg by launching the Mark Zuckerberg X H&M collection, consisting of seven grey t-shirts and one pair of blue jeans.

zuckerberg H&M collection pack april fools IIHIH
mark x h&M tee april foools IIHIH
mark zuckerberg for h&M jeans label if it's hip, it's here zuckerberg x hm packaging april fools IIHIH

They even mocked up labels, packaging and best of all… a lookbook.

mark zuckerberg lookbook H7M april fools if it' hip, it's here
Mark X H&M

OpenTable’s Lickable App

Opentable Lickable Photo app April Fools if it's hip, it's here

Online Reservations company OpenTable offered up the Lickable Photos app that allows one to taste photos right from your phone with “OpenTable Taste technology”.

OpenTable Lickable app on Apple+Android openrtaste technology opentable april fools iiihih

It’s easy (and tasty) as pie! Just lick to begin. #LickablePhotos

Of course, if you click on the buy now buttons for the Lickable Photos app, it will take you to OpenTable’s regular app.

Krispy Kreme 3D Doughnut Printer

krispy-kreme-doughnut-printer-april-fools-2016 IIHIH

In a world where the technology of 3D printing continues to be utilized for everything from fashion to Oscar Statuettes, Krispy Kreme, Australia announced on Facebook the launch of an $8,990 priced 3D printer for donuts that comes with 12 pods of the franchise’s masterful glaze.

Introducing the 3Doughnut Printer by Krispy Kreme!
Now you can 3D print your own little moments of joy thanks to the new…

Posted by Krispy Kreme (Australia) on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Clicking on the link will take you to their online donut store.
Of course, 3D printing has not yet achieved edible innovation, but if it did, these would fly off the shelves.

Samsung’s Internet of Trousers
samsung internet of trousers april fools

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in Internet of Things and advanced components, announced the Internet of Trousers, a new lineup of IoT-enabled smarter fashion products.

The new fashion range includes an exciting collection of pants abounding with innovative functions. And, boasting an array of unique, contemporary styles that fit just about any lifestyle, these smart wearables are just that… wearable.

The intelligent trousers, which combine the latest in high-tech with high fashion, were designed to address the pain points of everyday apparel. Samsung has made smarter fashion a reality by embedding the new garments with ARTIK Smarter Fashion chip modules, which communicate with the Smarter Fabric Care app.

Key Internet of Trousers functions include:
samsung wi-fly trousers April fools, IIHIH

Wi-Fly: Gone are the days of unnoticed, unzipped trouser zippers upon exiting the restroom. Should your fly remain open for more than three minutes, the ZipARTIK module will send a series of notifications to your smartphone to save you from further embarrassment.
Get Up! Alert: Using pressure sensors, Samsung’s intelligent trousers detect prolonged periods of inactivity and send notifications to ‘get up off of that thing’ at least once an hour. Should you remain seated for more than three hours, devices embedded in each of the rear pockets send mild electrical shocks to provide extra motivation.
Keep-Your-Pants-On Mode: Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with the moment. The Samsung Bio-Processor in your pants checks your bio-data including your heart rate and perspiration level. If these indicators get too high, Samsung’s trousers will send you subtle notifications as a reminder of the importance of keeping your cool.
Fridge Lock: If the tension around your waist gets too high, the embedded ARTIK chip module will send signals to your refrigerator to prevent you from overeating. The fridge door lock can then only be deactivated with consent from a designated person such as your mother or significant other.
Samsung’s Internet of Trousers

Vinder. Tinder for Cars by CarGurus
Vinder app screen1
vinder on mobile IIHIH

Online new and used car sales site, CarGurus, launched a Tinder-like app for use on mobile devices, Vinder, that matches consumers with cars in their area based on their zip codes. Like Tinder, you swipe right or swipe left to find your match.

“Today we officially launch Vinder” writes, “a revolutionary new car match-making app that helps lonely car searchers discover their next joyride. Tons of people are infatuated with their cars, and Vinder is the first app that gives this group the chance to swipe right and find the perfect car for a quickie test drive or perhaps commit to a cross-country trip.”

Try it out (it really works)

And you cannot forget the AerieMan (my post yesterday) where American Eagle mocked up faux ads with un-retouched male models to support their position on real beauty.
AerieMan Doug