Beautiful Cut Paper Animal Masks by Flurry & Salk.

Flurry and Salk Ram
above: cut paper Ram mask designed for Hermes.

Meet Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry. Nikki is an artist and fashion blogger, Amy is a freelance writer, editor and stylist. In January, 2010 the two women founded the Paper-Cut-Project, a company that conceives art direction and highly crafted installations in paper for window installations, runway, catalog and advertising campaigns.

Flurry and Salk describe their custom made paper art installations as “fueled by a love of fashion and an appreciation of the grace and nuance of this humble material”

They have designed installations and window displays for chic stores like Jeffrey New York and Atlanta and an exclusive collection of animals for Hermes. Below are their Paper Animal Masks created for french luxury brand Hermes.

Owl (for Hermes):

Bear (for Hermes):

Horse 1 (for Hermes):

Horse 2 (for Hermes):

Horse 3 (for Hermes):

Lion (for Hermes):

Cockatiel (for Hermes):

The above masks were designed exclusively for French luxury boutique Hermes, while the masks below are part of their Animalia series.





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