Awesome Ice Art. 3D On The Rocks for Suntory Whisky.

suntory ice sculptures quad IIHIH

To promote Suntory’s Whisky (and yes, they spell Whiskey without the ‘e’ in Japan) Collection, they’ve launched “3D On The Rocks” – a television spot and a website that celebrate ice sculpture made with the latest technology. Despite the fact that all ice is 3D, it’s an innovative way to sell whisky by appealing to your visual sense as well as your sense of taste.

suntory whisky collection

The tv spot, by TBWA/Hakuhodo shows the creation of Kinkakuji, the Golden temple in Kyoto, from computer rendering to sculpture and placed in a glass with, of course, Suntory Whisky. Suggesting that the spirit is produced with the finest craftsmanship together with ice made with fresh spring water, they ask that you ‘Come, delight yourself in the art of Japanese Whisky.’

This leads me to the interactive website where you can not only view the following fabulous ice art, but can also create your own and enter their campaign competition.
Please note: I created the following images from screen grabs of their website. Please do not reprint them unless you link back to this post.

suntory Kinakujii  IIHIHsuntory Kinakujii 2 IIHIH
Michaelangelo’s David:
suntory David IIHIHsuntory David2 IIHIH
suntory Horse IIHIHsuntory Horse2 IIHIH
suntory Shark IIHIHsuntory Shark2 IIHIH
Egg Chair:
suntory chair IIHIHsuntory chair2 IIHIH
suntory Mermaid IIHIHsuntory Mermaid2 IIHIH
Winged Victory:
suntory Winged Victory IIHIHsuntory Winged Victory2 IIHIH
Abe Lincoln:
suntory Lincoln IIHIHsuntory Lincoln2 IIHIH
suntory Astronaut IIHIHsuntory Astronaut2 IIHIH
Space Shuttle:
suntory Space Shuttle IIHIHsuntory Space Shuttle2 IIHIH
suntory Guitar IIHIHsuntory Guitar2 IIHIH
Diamond Ring:
suntory Diamond Ring IIHIHsuntory Diamond Ring2 IIHIH
suntory Sphinx IIHIHsuntory Sphinx2 IIHIH
High Heel Shoe:
suntory High Heel Shoe IIHIHsuntory High Heel Shoe2 IIHIH

Visit the Suntory 3D on the Rocks website here